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Matthew Underwood She came forward in an Instagram post on Thursday, March 28, claiming that she was “sexually harassed and then assaulted” by her former agent. Her post comes just days after the final episode of the explosive documentary aired. cool on set was released, detailing allegations of abuse and workplace misconduct by young stars at Nickelodeon.

Matthews, 33, is best known for playing Logan Reese on the teen sitcom Zoey 101, Which aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. The cast of the show also reunited for the sequel film zoey 102 In 2023. Matthew revealed that he had two instances where he was allegedly a victim of sexual abuse, once as a pre-teen and once as a young adult. He said that the latter caused him to step away from his acting career. “When I was 12, my best friend’s stepfather groomed and abused me,” he wrote. “When I was 19, I was sexually harassed and then assaulted by my agent, who had spent a lot of time building trust with me as a friend and mentor.”

Matthew revealed that he lost his friend after his stepfather molested him, and he said that while the agent was fired, he has remained in the entertainment business to this day. “My trust was betrayed and my self-image was crushed. I reported him to the agency and he has since been fired – although he is still active in the industry. This experience inspired me to move away from LA and ended my pursuit of acting,” he wrote.

In the next slide, Matthew reveals that he has been receiving the following disturbing emails cool on set Documentary, in which fans are asking him to speak or criticizing him for not speaking. “I’m sharing this with the hope that some of you might recognize that just because someone doesn’t shout from the rooftops that pedophiles are bad or that people can suck – that doesn’t mean their Don’t have your own reasons for staying close. Silence, good reasons, personal reasons,” he wrote. “Please stop a moment and consider that some people may not be making statements because talking about things like this Memories and emotions come up that are difficult to deal with, and they have every right to remain silent.”

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He continued and said that he had “sympathy” for anyone who came forward and shared their story. He also admitted that he “never had a bad experience” on or working with Nickelodeon sets. dan schneider, In his caption, Matthew also said that he is not talking about his current representatives when detailing his experience with a previous agent. “To make sure there is no confusion, I want to make it clear that my current agents Lauren Green and Sam Hampton of Modern Artist Entertainment are incredible human beings who are honest, genuine, and smart professionals in this industry. He has always listened to my concerns and taken care of my well-being,” he wrote.

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