YOLO tops Chinese New Year box office, Wonka nears $600M globally

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YOLO tops Chinese New Year box office, Wonka nears $600M globally

The international box office was generally quiet this weekend China Which marked the beginning of the Year of the Dragon on Saturday, and with it the fascinating Chinese New Year movie watching period. According to preliminary data from Maoyan, the first two days of Spring Festival 2024 raked in RMB 2.44B ($339M), slightly less than comparable days in 2023.

Although Maoyan’s Pegasus 2 The first day of the holiday was on top on Saturday, ultimately it was Jia Ling CFG/Alibaba Inspirational Film yolo Which won over the weekend with an estimated RMB 804M over the two-day period ($112M/comScore says it’s slightly less than $110.4M). Of this, IMAX contributed $3.6M. It often happens that the winner of the first day overtakes the second day.

2014 Japanese film adaptation 100 yen love, yolo (aka You Only Live Once) focuses on Le Ying (Jia), an unemployed woman in her 30s who still lives with her parents, until one day she meets a boxing coach who might be her Can change life.

according to local mediaThe director/star/writer lost 50 kg for her role and was absent from promotional events to create suspense about her appearance.

While many Chinese New Year movies don’t play, this one is getting help from Sony which has acquired international distribution rights. It also recently picked up the remake rights of Jiah’s 2021 smash hi mom Which is currently in development.

Maoyan is predicting a close of RMB 4.4B ($611M) yolo,

was second in China pegasus 2 With an estimated RMB 760.2M ($105.6M) including $4.6M from IMAX screens. The sequel to Han Han tells the story of a former racing champion who spurned his down-on-his-luck driving instructor, who gets an offer to lead a new team. With a 9.7 on Maoyan, the site is predicting a RMB 3.3b ($460m) final.

Boonie Bears: Time Twistwhich marks the 10th anniversary of the animated franchise, was in third place with a forecast of RMB 443.4M ($62M) and RMB 2.3B ($320M) over the first two days of the holiday.

Zhang Yimou’s Article 20 Came in at RMB 337.1M ($47M), followed by live life And film emperor Which did not catch on and reached RMB 56.1M ($8M) and RMB 46.2M ($6.4M) respectively.

Elsewhere, the leading drama for the studio, Sony’s budding romcom anyone except you Adding this frame only reduced by 30% $9.7 million To bring offshore Qme to 50 markets $90 million and to global $170m, it has now passed ticket to heaven Whole world. Individual holdings were again strong in markets such as Belgium (+1%), Australia (-4%), France (-9%), Spain (-18%), Brazil (-20%), UK (-24%) . , Netherlands (-25%) and Germany (-33%).

Rounding out the top 5 so far are Australia ($13.7M), UK ($12.6M), Germany ($10.3M), Mexico ($6.8M) and Italy ($5.6M).

Apple Original Films’ for argie declined by 46% for $9.4M Exotic weekend, to bring Qom $31.3M internationally and $60.1M global. Offshore, the film is showing up man from uncle and in accordance with gentlemen, Despite Matthew Vaughn’s popularity Korea, there debuted with a soft $753K in 520 locations. The top 5 markets to date are UK ($4.7 million), Australia ($2.8 million), France ($2.6 million), Mexico ($2.6 million) and Germany ($2.4M). China and Japan are yet to arrive in late February and early March, respectively.

Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Heyday Films’ wonka generated an estimate $8.5M From 74 overseas markets this weekend. with $382.3M Internationally, the global QUM is currently approaching $600 million $587.6m,

The last frame after its great start, wonka ranked number 1 in Korea, falling only 16% during the Lunar New Year holiday weekend. The film has left behind the lifetime earnings till now in the market. the greatest showman And Fantastic Beasts: The Mysteries of Dumbledore,

UK remains on top throughout the game with $77.3 million, followed by France ($30.1 million), Mexico ($27 million), Australia ($25.5 million) and Germany ($24.3 million).

light/universal migration couple $6.7M From 79 markets internationally $125m and worldwide overall $235.2M, It started in hong kong, grossed $297K in a crowded market amid the start of Lunar New Year festivities. the inauguration took place quite high sing 2, Public holidays will last till 13 February. in its second phase UK, migration Was still number 1. Now with $8.4 million, it is equal to fundamental and above Moana And Desire At the same point. Half term holidays are starting this week. Germany has reached above $18 million Puss in Boots 2 and in accordance with sing at the same point, exceeding the lifetime of fundamental And Moana,

Germany leads the top 5 to date, followed by France ($11.1 million), Australia ($10.3M), Mexico ($8.8 million) and UK ($8.4M). Japan release on March 15.

Searchlight’s 11-time Oscar nominee poor things A decline of 34% was seen in 43 foreign markets $6.6M To take the international total above $50M ($50.9M, Globally, the Emma Stone-starrer is now $81.2 million,

Important markets showing strong hold include Spain (-26%), Germany (-27%), Australia (-29%), Mexico (-30%), France (-31%), Brazil (-32%) and UK. Are included. (-38%).

was new to sessions Netherlands With $500,000 to start it is 41% ahead of Yorgos Lanthimos. Favorite,

With a total of $6.7 million so far Italy, poor things has already exceeded the lifespan of Killers of the Flower Moon, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One And knives out,

Italy is the number 2 market behind this UK With $8.2 million. has dropped out of the top 5 Mexico ($4.2 million), Germany ($3.9 million) and France ($3.4M).

Korea ships on March 6.

Even with searchlight, we are all strangers Now it has an impact on a global level $10.4MInvolved $6.6M From international. Most of the major foreign markets open this month.

Miscellaneous Updates/Notables
beekeeper (MIR): $3.5 million international weekend (63 markets); $79.2 million international cume/$133.8 million global
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (West Bengal): $2.1 million international weekend (75 markets); $307.4 million international cume/$429.7 million global
a million minutes (West Bengal): $1.7 million international weekend (Germany only); $4.3M Germany less
holdover (UNI): $1.5 million international weekend (38 markets); $17.9 million international cume/$37.8 million global
mean Girls (PAR): $1.4 million international weekend (34 markets); $28.6M international cume/$97.8M global
purple colour (WB): $1.4 million international weekend (32); $5.5 million international cume/$66 million global
night swimming (UNI): $1.25 million international weekend (50 markets); $16.6 million international cume/$46.6 million global
five nights at freddy’s (UNI): $745K International Weekend (79 markets – new opener Japan); $154.2 million international cume/$292 million global

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