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Iantha Richardson stars in ABC’s critically acclaimed series Will Trent As Faith Mitchell. Now in its second season (which began on February 20), the series is one of the most watched series Television,

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We were very excited to chat with Richardson, especially because of the blossoming romance between her character Faith and new boyfriend Luke, played by Ser’Darius Blaine.

Richardson tells Bossip, “We’ll definitely get to see more of her romantic life and I think that’s a big highlight for the season, just navigating her, she’s currently an empty nester, she has her son right now. -Just went to college.” “So she says, ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ So I think that’s b/c the story that you’ll get to see with Faith and there’s more to it than Luke and Faith and their love affair and how that applies to her workplace as well.

Will Trent Episodic Stills

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When we first met Richardson’s character Faith Mitchell in the first season Will Trent We learned that she was a single mother raising a teenage son. With her youthful appearance, we teased Richardson that it’s hard to believe she could have a college-aged child.

“She’s 33, I’m 33,” Richardson revealed. “She had her child at 15, which is rare but also possible and that’s a part of her resiliency, her life story and all the things she’s gone through. A friend of mine has a similar story – not 15, but still very young and it’s definitely like a brother/sister dynamic, but still like – ‘he’s your kid!’ “It’s really very interesting.”

In terms of getting into the mindset of playing a mother, Richardson says she relied on her memories with her mother.

Richardson recalled, “I kept returning to my mother and her ideals, her methods of parenting, a lot.” “It has been very indifferent. I actually lost my mom in 2019, but it’s been lovely to be able to remember her mindset on a lot of things. This creates a lot of gratitude, and also helps me get on a mental level, since I’m not a parent myself. You can only imagine for yourself what it would be like to be a parent. I have a lot of friends who have become new parents at this time, so I also believe what I see. It’s like having an aunt on this side, or a godmother, but it’s been really fun and cool and I’m excited to be a parent one day. Not now, but at some point.”

Will Trent Episodic Stills

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for OG Will Trent Fans, this season definitely means better chemistry between Trent and Michelle as partners in the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation), so we had to ask Richardson about the evolution of their relationship.

“Right now we’re seeing Faith move from kind of an intern role or becoming a partner to proving herself as a partner, becoming that person that Will can trust, who But people can trust her and she doesn’t have to show that she knows how to do her job, but she’s just doing it,” Richardson tells Bossip. “A little bit in that sense. Trust, she’ll get it more now that she’s not like that, although he’s irritated by her, not by her weird personality traits or by her in general. She says, ‘Okay I got you. I’ll let you ‘Let me do me and we’ll do good,’ so there’s a compromise that this season is really sweet about.”

We really love seeing it!

One of the things that makes the character of Will Trent special is that he has dyslexia, so the way he acts and his crime scenes is different from others. Ironically, Richardson can relate to Trent when it comes to learning disorders.

“I actually have dyslexia,” Richardson revealed. “Not to the extent that he does, but I especially understand the frustration of being an actor and doing table readings and having to read things on the spot and be like, ‘Dang let me go and try to read this first. So I can make sure I’m not messing up that space so much’ so I’m a lot more sympathetic to that character in some ways. I’m also grateful to my parents when I was younger, The school I was at was Montessori and so I was allowed to have one-on-one sessions with a teacher and sit for hours a day and learn to read by sight, so a lot of the words had to be memorized, but when Then comes the struggle when it comes to liking new words and dealing with them. Words that don’t automatically stick in the back of my head. It’s definitely been an interesting journey.”

Will Trent Episodic Stills

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Iantha also appeared as the adult ‘Tess’ in 10 episodes. this is us, So we wanted to know how his reunion went with TV Mom Suzanne Kelechi Watson, who guest-starred on the first episode of the new season.

“It was so sweet,” Richardson told Bossip. “I’m very grateful that they did. She and Sterling were the two people I worked with the most on that show and to be able to include her in a show that I’m leading, just having that full circle experience was really lovely. what we missed a lot about this is us And we didn’t realize that some things don’t always translate to other sets and how they translate to other sets, but it was really, really, really lovely to have her around and everybody else. Also liked his energy. Besides the fact that she’s an amazing actress, everyone says, ‘She has to go?’ She is truly a light. She just lights up the screen.”

Will Trent Episodic Stills

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For those who may not be aware, Will Trent The Carin Slaughter book is adapted from the series, so we wanted to know if Michelle had received any feedback from fans of the books about looking different from the series character, who is white.

Richardson recalled, “When we first started there were some comments, especially on Instagram, that were aimed at artists who didn’t live up to what they envisioned in the book.” “For me it’s the same little Mermaid Situation – These are fictional characters, they can do whatever they want. Carin Slaughter is a very active part of our set and the story that’s being told, and thank God I wasn’t too phased. You want the people who have invested their time and energy in the books to be happy as it moves into the television world and I think most of the reaction when it came out was positive. There were just a few hiccups in the beginning before they actually watched the show.”

Richardson will next be seen in BET’s remake Don’t tell mom the babysitter is dead,

Will Trent Airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC

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