Why fans think Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are working on a ‘Telephone’ sequel

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Why fans think Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are working on a 'Telephone' sequel

to do Beyonce And Lady Gaga Do they have any secret collaborations up their sleeve? Some die-hard fans certainly think so – or desperately want so.

Beyonce surprised people on Sunday Appearing in a Verizon Wireless commercial during the Super Bowl, In which she tries to “break the Internet” in a series of various high-profile stunts.

In a surprising twist, Beyoncé managed to accomplish her goal in real life by announcing that she would be performing new music at the end of the ad – thus literally breaking the Internet via a high-profile stunt (like Can be called).

After the ad aired, Beyoncé posted a teaser video on Instagram for her follow-up renaissanceTopic Act II, He is shown driving a yellow cab in dusty, rural Texas, Set to an excerpt from one of their new songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em”.

So, what does this have to do with Lady Gaga? Well, fans have shared some wild theories on social media that some clues in Beyoncé’s post indicate that she is working with Lady Gaga on the sequel to their 2010 collaboration, “Telephone.”

Although some of the supposed “clues” people are pointing to may seem a little cryptic (or downright tinfoil hat-esque), the more you notice some of the similarities, the easier it will be to find yourself falling down the rabbit hole. See what happened.

For those who haven’t seen the music video for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, it was shot as a short film and a narrative continuation of her music video for “Paparazzi”. It begins with Lady Gaga going to jail for murder before Beyoncé can get bail and then driving around in a yellow and red truck called the “Pu**y Wagon” (inspired by the truck seen in Trucks). kill Bill) and then continued his killing spree.

Needless to say, this is a weird, wonderful, high-concept fever dream of a short film and – most notably – ends on a cliffhanger with the title card reading, “To Be Continued.”

Then, 13 years passed and it never continued. And that brings us to now. In the wake of Super Bowl LVIII and Beyoncé’s big new announcement, eagle-eyed (and often creative) fans are linking Beyoncé’s yellow cab — including the decorations hanging from the rearview mirror — to her yellow and red truck in “Telephone.” “The video–as well as the general aesthetic of both videos.

Additionally, Beyoncé announced her new music on February 11 – which is the exact same date that Lady Gaga was sent to jail over the “Telephone” video.

Additionally, as several cyber-spies have pointed out, the song’s title, “Texas Hold ‘Em”, appears to evoke the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, which says, “I wanna hold ’em Like they do in Texas, please.”

And Some fans speculated about a connection between the “68” on Beyoncé’s plate and the fact that Lady Gaga was born in ’86 – that’s only 68 backwards.

Meanwhile, others continued to just fabricate head canons based on no evidence, and yet we’re still here for it.

“Listen to me.. Beyonce has a song called ‘Texas Hold’em’ and Lady Gaga has a song called ‘Poker Face’. It’s giving the ‘Telephone’ era, but what if it’s ‘Telephone’ Is it a prequel to Lady Gaga and is Lady Gaga’s next song the official sequel to the album?” one user wrote, possibly suggesting that it would also be a prequel to “Paparazzi.”

Lady Gaga’s recent post has also fueled the fire of speculation.

On February 8, Gaga posted a black-and-white photo of herself playing a keyboard in a studio, leading some to speculate that she was recording new music, and possibly her long-awaited seventh album, LG7.

Then, during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Lady Gaga — who was at the game, where Beyoncé was also in attendance, though not together (in a way some fans found suspicious) — shared a photo of her hand holding up with the caption peace. The sign, “Let’s f**king go.”

But, was it really a sign of peace? Or was it actually No. 2 – as in the low-key nod to the second team-up with Beyoncé?

Truthfully, only time will tell whether or not fans will get the long-awaited sequel they clearly crave.

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