Why does 2024 seem to be the year of their return?

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Is Justin Bieber touring in 2024?

This shouldn’t be dismissed, and it isn’t, especially by fans who are desperate to see them perform live.

Although health issues are keeping him from touring, we do know the Biebs will possibly return to the stage this year.

Justin Bieber performs on stage during the 2022 Grammys in Las Vegas. ((Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy))

Justin Bieber performs first live show in 2024

Rumors of JB’s return began to gain momentum in early February.

Justin surprised the audience as Drake’s downtown Toronto club made history on February 1 with an unexpected show, albeit a quick one.

Taking the stage during the “Drew House x Toronto Maple Leafs” show, Justin performed some of his hit songs, but in a much more relaxed atmosphere than his stadium tours.

According to Videos posted by fansThe set also included a rendition of their breakthrough hit “Baby”, as well as remixes of “Ghost,” “Peaches” and “Hold On.”

He spent most of his time on a stool, giving the whole thing a much more mellow atmosphere than the fans were used to.

But did he care? Hell no! Justin was back, and that’s what any Beliebers from 2022 were expecting.

Justin Bieber will perform with Daniel Caesar on stage at Coachella during the 2022 festival. ((Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella))

Why did Justin Bieber stop touring?

In June 2022, Justin revealed that he had been diagnosed with Ramsey Hunt syndrome.

Since the condition resulted in “complete paralysis” on one side of his face, the announcement meant he had to postpone some of the dates of his Justice tour.

While he managed to return to the stage after a few weeks, he postponed more performances, starting with a September 6, 2022 performance at the Rock in Rio festival.

Justin explained that he is still dealing with ongoing health issues and needs to make his health a “priority.”

The expectation was that he would return to touring as before. However, shortly after, he canceled all his remaining shows and has not returned since.

Justin gave his nod to Usher’s halftime show at the 2024 Super Bowl. ((Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images))

Justin Bieber and the Super Bowl show that wasn’t supposed to happen

Following Justin’s performance in Toronto, many fans hoped that this was not only a sign of an upcoming tour, but also a rehearsal for an even bigger comeback performance.

Namely, the Super Bowl halftime show.

See, Justin’s mentor, Usher, was the headliner this year, and for weeks he teased that he had some big names and friends ready to help him put on the show.

There were rumors that Justin was in talks to make a guest appearance and he was even seen arriving in Vegas the day before the game.

Sadly, Justin didn’t attend Usher’s show, instead watching from his room with his wife Hailey.

It is disappointing, but all hope is not lost.

Justin Bieber performs during the 2016 Purpose World Tour at Staples Center on March 20, 2016 (Christopher Polk/Staff/Getty)

A new album for Justin’s tour

2024 is looking like a big year for music. Beyonce is coming out with a new album. Taylor Swift is also like this.

Is this the only thing that can be followed?

Fans have reason to be hopeful. Shortly after the show in Toronto, Justin started posting photos of himself in the studio.

Whether these photos show Biebs in rehearsal or a recording session in which the singer is laying down some new tracks, we’re not sure.

As of now, Justin and his team have not made any official announcements regarding a new album or tour for the upcoming year.

But all the signs look great, none the less.

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