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Wendy WilliamsThe 59-year-old is ready to tell her whole story. former host of the wendy williams show A two-part documentary film about his life is set to be released on February 24, 2024. Wendy is featured in a shocking trailer in which she reveals many painful truths about her health and career. “I don’t have any money,” the 59-year-old man said in the trailer. “And I’m going to tell you something. If it happens to me, it can happen to you too.

Lifetime Trailer Where is Wendy Williams? Released two weeks before the doc’s premiere and portraying the TV personality in a different light. Wendy’s family, including her son Kevin Hunter Jr., are shown in the film and often express concern over him. Wendy’s only child said in the film, “My mother did a great job of making it seem like everything was always OK, but in reality, something was going wrong.” Ahead of the premiere, below is everything you need to know about Wendy’s life today.

Wendy Williams’ time on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

After several delays, Wendy’s is set to reopen in late 2021. the wendy williams show Eventually others had to fill his place. By mid-2022, the long-running talk show was officially canceled. Sherry Shepherd‘s new show, SherryThen took over Wendy’s timeslot and the loss of her show reportedly “broke” her People, The talk show premiered in 2008 and quickly became a favorite of celebrity gossip lovers.

Wendy later opened up about a possible return to TV during an interview in March 2022 good Morning America, During the interview, she quipped, “I am now 57 years old but my mind and body are like that of a 25-year-old.” “Give me about three months. There are some personal things I have to deal with and then I’ll be ready to come back and be free and do my thing. stay tuned cause i’ll be back the wendy showBigger and brighter than ever.”

Wendy Williams’ health struggles

Wendy’s return to her talk show was continually delayed due to her ongoing health problems. Years ago, in 2018, Wendy revealed that she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. In February of that year, she spoke to her live audience and opened up about his ongoing health struggles CBS News, “My thyroid is completely catty vamped up and that’s the eye thing you all are seeing. You caught it before I did,” love triangle The alum said.

Wendy addressed the public’s speculation regarding the appearance of her eyes and said it was due to her diagnosis. “My thyroid, my hyperthyroidism, is also linked to Graves’ disease,” she added. “Graves’ disease squeezes the muscles behind your eyeballs and that’s what causes –” Then he widened his eyes to get his point across. At the time, his medical team encouraged him to take three weeks off from work.

Wendy’s health continued to decline through 2022. Former radio host’s publicist sent hollywood life In September 2022, a press release revealed that Wendy had begun treatment at a wellness facility. “Wendy has entered a wellness facility to seek help managing her overall health issues. She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a big return to the next level in her career with ‘The Wendy Experience Podcast,’ the statement said. “Ms. Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes during this time.” Wendy then checked out of the rehab facility until October 2022.

What has Wendy Williams’ family said?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019. (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Ahead of the doc’s premiere, Wendy’s family has come forward with growing concerns about her health. Not only is she battling Graves’ disease, but Wendy also suffers from alcohol addiction People, In June 2023, Kevin opened up about his mother’s drinking habits. “There are a lot of people who are aware that he has a problem with his drinking and how to deal with that problem, but I think these people are taking advantage of it and allowing it to appear that way.” They are as they are, “It’s not causing problems,” he said. Sun those days.

Later, Wendy’s manager Will Selby Disputed Kevin’s claims. “Why are you taking advantage of that? What to get? What is the plan? I’m not here to brag, but I was fine before Wendy came and I insisted on helping her because she requested my help,” he said during the conversation. entertainment tonight,

“Wendy is under conservatorship. Everything she does is approved by the guardianship. A court-appointed guardianship,” Will continued. “So, anybody, even if they want to take advantage of that – everything has to be approved by that court. So, any kind of business transaction that we do, Wendy, I and anyone else – we have to get guardianship to sign off on it. So how can one take advantage of that?”

Wendy is still seeking care at the welfare facility People, and the only person who has constant access to him is his appointed legal guardian. Wendy’s sister, “The people who love him can’t see him.” wanda, 65, said during the doc’s trailer. “I think the big thing is: How did we end up here?” Fans can watch the two-part documentary about Wendy on Lifetime starting February 24, 2024.

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