Where does Meri Brown live and details of her Utah bed and breakfast

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Where does Meri Brown live these days?

In 2023, sister Wives The star started a whole new chapter in life.

my-who On January 10, it was announced that their marriage was over. – Updated his personal and business address to Parowan, Utah later that year.

Since the family had purchased the Coyote Pass estate in Arizona to be their home for all four of Kody’s wives, the news came as a shock to many.

Meri Brown in Sister Wives episode
Meri Brown opens up to the TLC cameras here. (TLC)

This also seemed to signal the end of Meri’s relationship with Kody.

But where is Mary actually staying at the moment?

Meri Brown lives in Utah and Arizona!

Last season on Sister Wives, Meri revealed her move to Robin to Utah in an emotional scene.

Realizing that Cody “doesn’t give a fuck” about her anymore, she explains that she wants to split her time between Flagstaff and. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, That bed and breakfast is in Parowan, Utah. In 2017, Mary purchased the property that had been owned by her family generations ago.

This arrangement seems stressful, but ultimately it seems like the best move for her after everything that happened.

“I’ll get an address. I will stay here. I am going to sleep there. I’ll be there too,” Mary tells Robin.

Meri Brown on Tell All SpecialMeri Brown on Tell All Special
Meri Brown sits here and gets grilled as part of a special on Sister Wives Season 17. (TLC)

Meri’s House for Rent in Coyote Pass

Mary moved to Arizona with Cody and sister wives Janelle, Christine and Robin five years ago.

After the pair separated, he retained his share of the family estate and their home in Arizona, although there was disagreement over keeping it.

After the breakup, it was revealed on the show that Meri felt that Kody was trying to ground her. But Mary wasn’t having it.

“It feels like he’s already made the decision and I don’t think that’s fair because despite the fact that he and I haven’t had a relationship for, you know, eight or 10 years, or however long it is Gone, I’m still part of the family and I still contribute financially to it,” she said in an episode sister Wives, “And so I am entitled to some of the estate, not just what he decides I deserve.”

In spring 2023, according to Zillow listings and reports available online. in contactThe TLC personality’s Flagstaff, Arizona home was put up for rent.

The residence will be available for move-in on May 15 (at $5,800 per month).

mary brown is worriedmary brown is worried
Meri Brown looks very worried in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Shortly after this post went viral, blogger Without a Crystal Ball shared an Instagram post alleging that the owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn was “spotted over the weekend with a moving truck, a film crew, and Kody Brown Was.”

So, does Meri really split her time between the two properties? It’s been over a year since all this happened, and in fact, there’s very little evidence that Mary spends any time at home in Arizona.

She has not posted any photos on Instagram or been seen at the property with Robyn, who still lives there.

Meri’s time with the ‘Sister Wives’ family ends

However, in November 2021, Christine separated from her polygamous spouse and quickly relocated to Utah; Janelle has always walked away from an unhealthy relationship, although we believe she still lives in Flagstaff.

“After over a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have decided to permanently end our marriage,” a joint statement posted on Meri and Kody’s respective Instagram pages three months ago read. Have decided.”

“Throughout this process, we are committed to kindness and respect for each other and all members of our families.

“We are also committed to the continued improvement of any and all relationships within the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace and love.”

next weeks, Mary has had a makeover And has posted many inspirational messages on social media.

In fact, four days ago, Meri said she wanted to tell her Instagram followers a “secret”, writing on her account:

Your version of who you are right now is what you have.

If you want something different, you have to do something different and be something different. The bigger dreams you have will require a new and better version of you.

Don’t give up on yourself. Do something every day that gets you closer to your dreams and goals.

Looking ahead, TLC is filming new episodes of the series for Sister Wives season 18.

This will likely include Meri having a good conversation with Kody, as the mother of one has emphasized that she has no hard feelings toward her ex.

“I am not in a place, and pray I will never be in a place, where I would enjoy making rude and disrespectful comments about them or watching you do them,” Meri told critics in January.

This stance may explain why some people think mine can still come back with kodi some day.

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