Where does Janelle Brown live now that she left Kody?

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Janelle BrownGiven everything that has happened in the last 2 years, the living arrangements may surprise Sister Wives.

In 2022, we learned this Janelle Brown left Kody After living together for almost two decades.

Since that time, almost all of Cody’s first wives have left him, with Christine and Mary moving away from the family estate, Coyote Pass.

But where is Janelle actually staying?

Garrison Brown and Mom on Sister Wives
Garrison Brown and mom Janelle on Sister Wives. (TLC)

Janelle Brown still lives in Flagstaff, Arizona

Although we don’t say anything more than that, we can definitely say that Jenelle is still living in Arizona as of April 2024.

Just before Christmas 2023, Janelle took Instagram To share how much she still loves living in the area.

“One of the reasons I love living in Flagstaff is that 3 of my 6 kids are here!” He started this with social media posts. There was a picture of one of her boys with the caption – poor garrison – Relaxing with the family dog ​​in her living room.

Janelle added, “I can get a surprise visit from Gabe or Garrison and Savannah is still at home with me.” “Garrison Stopped and Caroline decided it was time to lay on top of her like she does with us.

Sadly, this would be one of the last photos her son posted on his Insta. Garrison died tragically Committed suicide a few months later in February 2024.

And despite all this, Jenelle still lives in Arizona, although where in the area she’s staying is still a bit of a mystery.

Janelle Brown on TLC specialJanelle Brown on TLC special
Janelle Brown is shown here in the Sister Wives Tell-All special. (Image credit: TLC)

Is Janelle living in an RV or what?

Sun In June 2023, it was reported that Janelle and Cody had paid for two parcels of Coyote Pass for the sum of $340,000. Even though they separated, Janelle is one of the wives still retaining some ownership over the property.

The problem is that he lacks the money to build his own real house to live in.

For that reason, among other things, Janelle is spending part of each year living in an RV.

This is different from other women who have left Kody.

Meri rents out her Flagstaff home and famously owns it bed and Breakfast In Utah. She spends most of every hour there.

Meanwhile, Christine had her own home in Flagstaff, but now she has a new home in Utah. After remarrying, the couple spend most of their time together building their new life.

For a while, Janelle rented a place in Flagstaff… until the landlord opted to sell.

That’s when things start getting uncertain.

Janelle and Christine on Sister WivesJanelle and Christine on Sister Wives
Janelle and Christine Brown via a confessional on Sister Wives. (TLC)

Janelle calls Living In trailer a ‘failure’

In October 2023, Janelle revealed that she had filmed the trailer for “winter storageThis means that it will not remain in it until the upcoming colder months.

Shortly after, he explained to fans that he felt the time spent in the trailer was a “failure”, as he did not spend as much time in it as he thought.

“My first reaction is that it’s a failure,” Jenelle admitted before showing herself a little grace.

“I really overestimated how much free time I would have and that I would be able to come here,” he said. sister Wives Starr explained.

But she is not overpowering herself regarding this decision.

“We always want to beat ourselves up about things we try and they don’t work,” she says. “We feel like, ‘Oh, I should have been smarter,’ but hindsight is 20/20. Correct?”

He then said that when the weather warms up again, the trailer will be back in full force.

Speaking about her daughter Madison Brown Brush, her husband Caleb Brush and their three children, Evie, Axel and Josephine Lee, “Maddie and Caleb and I and the kids will be using it more in the future.”

But the question is, where is she staying at the moment?!

But she’s not giving too many details. This is absolutely fine. Maybe she’s waiting for good news before sharing.

We definitely want that for him. she just needs some good news

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