Wheatus: Brendan B. Brown debunks 20-year-old misconception about ‘teenage dirtbags’

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In the 23 years since the release of Wheatus teenage Dirtbag On June 20, 2000, countless listeners wondered who the mysterious female voice in the bridge was.

that could be lead vocalist And guitarist Brendan Bernard Brown, who tells 9Honey Celebrity he’s not upset that people mistake him for the ’00s hit lady.

“Oh no, I don’t care. No. I love that it’s confusing,” he says, laughing.

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American Beauty’s Meena Suvari made a memorable appearance in the Teenage Dirtbag music video. (Columbia Pictures)

“When I wrote it I realized it would offend the right people, so I’m fine with it.”

It’s possible that listeners may be mistaken for the music video, which stars actress Meena Suvari. American Beauty Fame bridge-synching.

He starred in the 2000 Jason Biggs film OverthrownIn which the song is shown.

But most Gen Z Wheats fans don’t know this track.

British boy band One Direction introduced a large number of young fans teenage Dirtbag When they covered the track on tour and included it in their 2013 documentary one direction this is us,

Brown says of the cover, “I like their version, I think it turned out really good.”

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Brendan played 'Teenage Dirtbag' on Today.
Brendan played ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ on Today. (Today)

He became friends with the One Direction boys in the 2010s, but admitted he never thought Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne would cover the ’00s track.

“I hadn’t considered the idea that a big boy band would do this,” he says.

“They’re not really a boy band, kind of a boy-rock-band or something. But yeah, it’s cool. I like it.”

One Direction also regularly played the original versions of Wheatus’ biggest hits before appearing on stage while actively touring before their split in 2016.

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What are the former members of One Direction up to now?

teenage Dirtbag Despite its dark origins it was the second best-selling single of 2000 in Australia.

The song was largely inspired by Brown’s youth as a heavy metal fan in Northport, New York, where a teenager was violently murdered in the ’80s.

Shortly after the murder, Brown read a book Rolling stone Article that uses the phrase ‘teenage dirtbag’. This idea stuck in his mind for years before he wrote the song.

So does this mean that the woman Noel describes in the song is a real person – perhaps even someone associated with crime?

Absolutely not.

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Brendan B. Brown, lead singer and guitarist of Wheatus, performing in 2001.
Brendan B. Brown, lead singer and guitarist of Wheatus, performing in 2001. (Mick Hutson/Redferns)

Brown says, “My brother had a Noel in the second grade of grammar school and I remembered the name from that. It was a perfect kind of rhyme, the vowels go right.”

“But I didn’t know her, I never met her. I don’t even know what she looks like.”

More than two decades after the song made Wheatus famous, much has changed in the music industry.

Social media is a major player in any artist’s success and many big-name stars start their careers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

While Brown is excited to see so much young talent emerging in the industry, not everything has changed for the better

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Unable to display TikTok on this browser

“The demand to create something new every day is probably not healthy, because creative people need to go out for a while and be alone and quiet,” he says.

“But as a medium to get new things out there and establish your own business, it’s better than anything.

“Because you can develop your career there and you don’t have to give your rights to anyone to do it.”

Brown and the remaining members of the band will perform at Pandemonium Rocks in April alongside Placebo, Blondie, Alice Cooper and other headline artists.

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