WATCH: Taylor Swift Launches Travis Kelce on Social Media in Hilarious Video With Her Parents

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t aylor swift have established a relationship with travis kels Social media executive, with some hilarious help from their parents.

After the Kansas City Chiefs’ thrilling Super Bowl victory, cruel Summer The singer shared a humorous video of herself partying with her boyfriend and parents at an after party.

Swift posted a rare video for her TIC Toc From the team’s electric after-party celebration at XS Nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday.

Watch the video above.

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Taylor Swift shared a hilarious video of her parents and Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl after party. (TIC Toc)

The video begins with a short clip of Kelce sticking her tongue out during a Ludacris track What is your imagination? Runs in the background.

Before fans can see Kelce’s iconic debut on her girlfriend’s social media, the camera quickly pans to Swift sitting awkwardly with her parents Scott and Andrea.

“It’s a family and friends party, they said,” the pop star jokingly captioned the clip with her parents while everyone else continued to party around them.

“Bring your parents, she said,” the camera showed Swift giving a regretful expression while her father Scott had a drink and ‘Mama Swift’ laughed.

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travis kels
This is Travis Kelce’s first cameo on Swift’s social media. (TIC Toc)

“Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” the singer captioned the hilarious TikTok video. Which has been viewed 21.9 million times in less than 24 hours.

Many fans commented enthusiastically after finally seeing Swift’s parents join in on the party fun, calling the cameo “the cutest thing ever.”

“Scott and Andrea look like they are having the best time! They are so excited and happy to be there,” one fan wrote.

Andrea and Scott Swift
In the clip, her parents are sitting outside their comfort zone and watching. (TIC Toc)

“Mom + Papa Swift for the real win 👏🏾” rapper Flavor Flav commented beneath the video.

“It’s never really been to a club, I still live with my parents, but I’m still a thug,” another fan joked, referencing Swift’s spoof 2009 rap track. thug story ft. t. pain.

thug story The reference is especially funny because Swift’s mom Andrea made a cameo in the music video.

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But other fans couldn’t ignore Kelce’s very brief social media launch of his girlfriend.

“Yes Travis is officially on Taylor Swift account,” one fan celebrated.

“Taylor with the hard launch,” wrote another, again in all caps.

taylor swift and travis kelsey
Taylor Swift was cheering on her boyfriend at the Super Bowl. (Getty)

Swift and Kelce were already making headlines because of their Wild night at the Chiefs after party Where he was caught singing the singer’s 2008 hit love story,

The couple were filmed carrying on PDA while singing a remix of the romantic anthem, then packing up while pointing at each other later in the night. You are mine Played.

Earlier in the day, Swift was Cheering her NFL boyfriend to a Super Bowl win From the VIP Suite of Allegiant Stadium.

The singer was later joined by his family and friends she’s going down the field To watch Kelce’s podium speech and celebrate the win with him.

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