Watch Alia Bhatt’s 10-minute ‘Sunburn Glow’ makeup routine

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Celebrity beauty secrets videos are extremely popular and have been so for a long time. To learn about the intricacies behind a look, or to gain insight into the products used, even the best of us get into it, and with good reason. There is still a lot of fascination with the idea of ​​celebrity; We want to know what they eat, we want to know what makeup they wear, we want to know what they wear. We want to be like them and live this luxurious life of which we can only be spectators. It thrills us to see her sharing little snippets of her life and Alia Bhatt’s recent ‘sunburn glow’ look has got beauty lovers talking.
In a recent video with Allure magazine, with things She shared details of how to achieve your everyday sunny look in 10 minutes with the help of good solid makeup tips, which she claimed she learned from a longtime friend and colleague. -Puneet SainiA celebrity makeup artist, who also did the makeup for two important days of her life: the Met Gala look this year and the makeup look for Alia’s wedding with Ranbir Kapoor. She shared that the two had worked together for 8 years and called the makeup artist her “family”.

Alia Bhatt said that she learned her makeup skills from celebrity makeup artist and long-time friend Punit Saini. Source: Allure/Youtube.

Dubbing the makeup look as “sunburn glow”, she explained that the inspiration behind the look was the glowing tan glow one gets after being out in the sun all day. “You know that feeling you get after being in the sun all day, you’re tired, but it happens, you get this glow on your face and you naturally go red and You just look like a child of the Earth, you know? I want to have that look.” While most of us consider a full face the epitome of celebrity glam, the situation has now changed, and the emphasis is on enhancing your natural features rather than covering them up under layers of makeup. Are being given. Looks like clean girl beauty has won this round again.
To start, Alia says she avoids foundation and instead opts for skin tint, which she pairs with a brightening and hydrating primer, and jokingly refers to herself as a mixologist Is. The key to achieving this look starts with a good, hydrating base, so the color is perfect for the look. She says she wants “skin to look like skin.” Since she loves to show off her freckles, she does so with her hands, saying, “I’m not very comfortable using a brush when I apply color to my skin. I feel like I get better coverage when I use my hands.”
After prepping her skin, she follows up with a creamy, hydrating concealer to cover her dark spots and under-eye bags with the Beauty Blender. She then applies a peach-colored cream blush which she typically applies in a C shape – starting at the forehead and bringing it in a curve over her temple and down to her cheeks in a C-shaped curve. She also brings blush to her nose and adds it to the same C shape on the other side of her face. She applies it to her chin to perfectly embody the sunkissed look.
For contour, she defines her cheekbones with a heavy hand. She finally blends with a beauty blender and sets her makeup with a fine-grained translucent powder just below her eyes. She continues to wear peachy-pink shades for the eyes and natural mascara for her lashes – the point is to make the makeup look as natural as possible, so she avoids any heavy makeup at all costs. Then she brushes her eyebrows and fills them with brow powder. Alia says she lets her “eyebrows grow out now.” And she’s “not shaping them too much.” So it’s denser at the top.”

Alia Bhatt

Alia chose peach pink shades as her eye makeup to complete her ‘sunburn glow’. Source: Allure/Youtube.

She completes the look by brushing contouring powder on the creases of her face and applying liquid highlighter on the high points of her face. As far as lip makeup is concerned, she opts for peachy nude lipstick which she pairs with glossy lip balm for the ultimate shine. At the end of her routine Alia looks refreshed and glowing – ready for a night on the town.

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So there you have Alia Bhatt’s 10-minute ‘sunburn glow’. makeup routine, Would you like to try it for yourself?

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