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New Delhi: Data provided by Delhi Traffic Police shows that almost half of the vehicles that caused deaths in accidents in the city last year were never traced. responsible for most vehicles road deathsWere registered in Delhi. Of the accidents involving two-wheelers, 780 were mainly caused by cars/taxis/jeeps, while 677 were caused by unknown vehicles. Similarly, 2,234 accidents involved pedestrians.unknown vehicle There were 949, two-wheelers 412 and cars/taxi/jeeps 391.
Traffic police data shows that 47% of road deaths were caused by unknown vehicles, followed by cars/taxis (14%), heavy transport vehicles (12%) and two-wheelers (10%). 668 people died and about 1,104 were injured on the road due to unidentified vehicles.

Private cars had the second highest number of incidents, with 196 deaths and 1,275 non-fatal accidents, for a total of 1,471 accidents. Last but not least were freight carriers, which had 178 fatal and 241 non-fatal accidents, for a total of 419 incidents. Two-wheelers were also significantly responsible for accidents, causing 789 accidents, of which 144 resulted in deaths. DTC buses were another major contributor to road accidents, being responsible for 126 accidents, including 37 fatalities and 89 non-fatal incidents.

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“The trend of victims and victimized vehicles provides valuable insight into the factors most commonly involved in road accidents,” said SS Yadav, special commissioner of police (traffic). “The information helps identify patterns and trends, such as specific types of vehicles and demographic groups most susceptible to road crashes.”
Motorized two-wheelers, mainly hit by cars or taxis or SUVs, caused 780 accidents last year, followed by 677 accidents caused by unidentified vehicles, Yadav said.

“Of the 2,234 pedestrian cases, 949 accidents were caused by unknown vehicles, 412 accidents were caused by two-wheelers and 391 accidents were caused by cars or taxis or SUVs,” Yadav said.
In 2022, 629 pedestrians died in 623 fatal accidents, while 504 pedestrians died in 2021. Pedestrian deaths due to car/jeep/taxi increased from 63 in 2021 to 69 last year. 54 pedestrians died due to two-wheelers compared to 34 last year. In 2021. Unidentified vehicles were involved in 358 fatal crashes involving pedestrians in 2022, compared to 297 in 2021. Buses were responsible for 30 fatal accidents in 2022 compared to 20 in 2021. Large vehicles caused the fewest number of fatal crashes, accounting for 27 of the others. Means of transport 21 and autorickshaws, 12.

Data shared by the traffic police showed that Delhi-registered vehicles were the major participants in accidents in the city – 68% of them. They were followed by vehicles registered in Haryana (22.3%) and Uttar Pradesh (4.8%). This scenario is similar to 2021.
In cases of simple accidents, the offending vehicle remained unidentified in 1,744 cases out of a total of 4,132 incidents. Of the cases where the registration numbers of the offending vehicles were known, 76.8% of the cases were in Delhi, 14% in Haryana and 6% in Uttar Pradesh. Heavy transport vehicles registered in Haryana were involved in 80 (52.6%) fatal accident cases, while 65 buses registered in Delhi caused the majority of fatal accidents (79.3%), which included all buses and for which the registration number of the offending vehicle was available.

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