Vietnam hit ‘Mai’ sets new box office record in North America, Europe

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Vietnam hit 'Mai' sets new box office record in North America, Europe

UPDATE, SPECIAL: hit vietnamese romance drama May has achieved another new milestone by reaching $2 million at the North American and Europe box office in just two weeks. This makes it the highest-grossing Vietnam-made film of all time on the two continents. Entering its third weekend of international release, May Its global box office now stands at $23 million.

The film, directed by Tran Thanh, became a hit in Vietnam, grossing $21 million. It has grossed $1.66M in North America and $341K in Europe.

prior to MayTran Thanh’s first film, dad, i’m sorryDistributed by 3388 Films, it was the North American record holder for a Vietnam-made film with $1.3M after running for eight weeks in 2021. May Has rapidly overtaken him.

Thien A of 3388 Films. “For $2M,” Pham told Deadline. May This is a complete game-changer at the international box office and we are thrilled. Three years ago, $1 million at the US box office was unheard of and by 2024, $2 million in North America and Europe is almost unimaginable., Our mission has always been to expand markets and attract new audiences to international and independent titles. mess The success at the international box office shows that 3388 films were certainly able to reach both expatriate and general audiences. “This fuels our energy to continue supporting Southeast Asian films to harness their growth potential and break through long-standing market limitations.”

Of earlier Exclusive, March 26: Tran Thanh’s hit romance drama after breaking records in Vietnam May has now set a new milestone in its opening weekend at the international box office, becoming the first Vietnamese title to gross $1 million outside the domestic market.

Beginning on March 22, exclusive distributor 3388 Films released the Phuong Anh Dao/Tuan Tran-starrer in approximately 200 theaters across nine countries across North America and Europe – the largest single-day release for a Vietnam film on both continents. It’s a big theatrical release.

From 154 theaters across North America, May Grossed $917K, and added an additional $133K from 40 sites in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. This brought the global gross to over $22M. It is the highest-grossing film of all time in Vietnam.

This is Tran Thanh’s third film dad, i’m sorry 3388, grossing $1.3 million in the US in 2021, making it the top Vietnamese-made film of all time. hope so May That film will be removed in a short time. At the time of launch, it had already overtaken the previous two opening record holders combined ,dad, i’m sorry Lean to $320.5K in 2021, and no man’s house Opened in 2023 with $440.7K.)

Thien A., founder of 3388 Films. Pham tells Deadline, “3388 Films is laser-focused on creating and laying the groundwork in new markets to help international films move to their intended audiences at a faster pace, and help these films reach their intended audiences. make capable. weight. Why this $1 million opening? May It does not simply represent box office success outside the local box office. More than that, this historic achievement represents hope and optimism that there are distribution opportunities for international films, that the theatrical market is open to potential. We believe that the foundational track that 3388 Films is building will benefit not only films from Vietnam, but also films from other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

May Phuong sheds light on the psychology of its eponymous protagonist, played by Anh Dao. Haunted by the past, she welcomes a new dawn when she reluctantly befriends the ladies’ man from the neighborhood. But when his past comes before him today, what will happen to his tomorrow?

Also starring Tran Thanh, beefHong Dao, Uyen An, Ngoc Giau, Viet Anh, and Quoc Khanh.

The film is produced by Nguyen Huu Tuong V (CJ HK Entertainment) and Thao Nguyen.

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