Usher, Beyoncé, Cardi B, and others in Super Bowl LVIII commercials

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Super Bowl LVIII – Source: Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty

If you missed the Super Bowl and the most important commercials, we’ve got you covered with our favorite commercials from Super Bowl LVIII.

In addition to the Super Bowl being the National Football League championship game, it is practically every company’s marketing championship. Advertisement The games themselves have become as anticipated and every company plans all year long for this day. According to CBS NewsThe going rate for an ad in this year’s Super Bowl was around $7 million. The cost of airing an ad isn’t cheap and companies spend the same amount, if not more, on the few seconds of views we watch.

Perhaps the most creative marketing comes from DoorDash which is holding a contest to give away all the products featured in the Super Bowl LVIII commercials. visit And enter the secret code to get a chance to win. We can give you the code but what’s the fun in that?

With all that being said it’s only right that we list our favorite commercials from the big game.

The Best Ads of Super Bowl LVIII

Beyonce and Verizon

Probably the most talked about AD was Verizon’s, and for good reason. Not only was Beyoncé involved, but she talked to us more than usual. They also announced that ACT II of their trilogy was coming and released two new songs. The AD was a piece of art that included multiple versions of Bey and several costume changes.

ben affleckJack Harlow, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon x Dunkin’

Ben Affleck and Dunkin’ team up for another Super Bowl spot and this time assemble their Rolodex of Avengers to try and move on. j.lo’s album, Jack Harlow, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and others join Ben’s new group.

hellofresh x keke palmer

Keke Palmer attacks a pizza delivery man to prove her point that HelloFresh is a better option than takeout. She even stays for the night and wakes the client up with breakfast in bed.

Cardi B x NYX Cosmetics

Cardi B caused chaos by saying “duck plumper” in her Super Bowl AD, which many people heard differently and ended up in the ER. “It’s for your lips” is the tag line promoting NYX’s latest offering.

Christopher Walken and assistant teacher xbmw

The BMW ad focuses on Christopher Walken’s long career which ends in a restaurant with Ushers questioning why he’s not at the Super Bowl.

ice spice x starry

Ice Spice enjoys a fresh starry look in her Super Bowl ad while her ex-man attempts to get her back.

Terrell Owens and Scarlett Johansson x M&M’s

M&M’s may have had the funniest ad of the night with the “Almost Champion Ring of Comfort.” They created a ring for your favorite players who never actually won a Super Bowl.

The ring was created by real-life celebrity jeweler Ben Buller. The ad also features Scarlett Johansson, who explains that she was left out of the Oscar race and deserves some hardware.

kanye west x yeezy

Kanye West had the most Kanye Super Bowl AD in which he talked about how he spent all the money on AD. Their big announcement was that everything on was $20, yes even shoes. It was a full-circle moment for the rapper who years ago promised affordable clothing.

Shannon Sharp and martin lawrence x oiko yogurt

Oiko has spent most of the year being one of the dozens of brands that Deion Sanders promotes without revealing anything specific about that brand. This time they take a different route with Shannon Sharp and Martin Lawrence and show us how the product makes you stronger.

“Javier in frame” x Google

The most emotional ad of the night was Google using a visually impaired person to demonstrate their new features. The phone in AD tells him when people are in frame and says two people are in frame. It ends with the birth of her child and the announcement that there are three people in the frame.

Tony Romo and Mister Tx Skechers

Did you know sneaker brand Skechers doesn’t have a “T” in its name? Well Tony Romo and Mister T teamed up for their Super Bowl AD to remind everyone.

arnold schwarzenegger x state farm

Arnold goes full-on superhero, but can’t pull off the “neighbor” part, so Danny DeVito is hired to help him.

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