Two new affordable turntables from Pro-Ject promise audiophile quality for less

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems makes some of the best turntables we’ve ever tested. From all-in-one solutions with phono preamp built-in and Bluetooth support like the Juke Box E1 to classic decks with modern features like automatic speed change like the debut Carbon Evo, the Austrian hi-fi brand offers a wide range. model, and there are two great-looking affordable models coming.

Its latest launch is aimed at those looking to take their first steps into vinyl. The all-new Pro-Ject T2 and T2 Super phonos are an extension of the brand’s first Wi-Fi ready T2 W turntable launched late last year, only without the wireless tech. The T2 series is a step up from the Pro-Ject T1 turntable that was released back in 2021 and comes with a mid-range price tag for spinners aimed at first-timers.

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