Tour ‘Summer House’ Star Lindsay Hubbard’s New Nashville Home That Fans Can Rent! (Unique)

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Tour 'Summer House' Star Lindsay Hubbard's New Nashville Home That Fans Can Rent!  (Unique)

Hub House is now a real place!

summer house star lindsay hubbard He officially has a house named after him in Nashville, Tennessee — and starting next month, it will be available to rent to fans (or really, any visitors),

“Nashville is a very hot market for bachelorette parties, like every week/weekend there are countless groups of women, men, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, large group rentals,” Lindsay explains to ET. “It was the perfect market to buy a rental property and turn it into a business.”

This is his way of carrying forward the family business.

“Hospitality has been in my blood since I was born,” says the former PR pro. “My grandparents owned a bed and breakfast called the Hubbard House in North Carolina. I worked in hospitality my whole life, starting at Outback Steakhouse and then college and then after college, and then eventually hospitality PR. When I opened my own PR firm, I called it Hub House, which was like the modern version of Hubbard House.”

“Then everyone nicknamed me Hub House, and now I have an actual Hub House!” She smiles. “I’m excited that it’s a real establishment, brick and mortar.”


The four-story, 3,200-square-foot home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a rooftop entertaining space with lounge seating and a hot tub. Lindsay worked with short-term rental specialists Somerled Designs on the interiors, making this space the perfect blend of hotel and home. Vibrant wall coverings and bright, Western-themed artwork provide color everywhere, working in line with Lindsay’s Bravo career. A massive “Hub House” mural welcomes guests upon entry, while a few carefully placed neon signs pay homage to his most quoted summer house phrase. “How many sandwiches have you made for me?” Hang in the kitchen, while the outdoor space invites guests to “activate country mode.” In each room, guests will also find Hub House-branded fragrance and body products, exclusive to K. There is a soon-to-launch collaboration with the Barr Company division of Hall Studios.

“It’s 10 minutes from downtown, so it’s basically the most central area to wherever you want to go,” she explains. “Topgolf is five minutes away from us, the new stadium is being built, so I know it’s mostly bachelors, but if there’s a male group, they’re welcome to come to the Hub House. It’s pink Haven’t been painted, so we’re good there!”


The bedrooms are built for bunking, allowing the house to sleep up to 12 tenants at a time. Lindsay put that ability to the test, and hosted a girls’ getaway with some of her classmates and fellow Bravo-Labs over the weekend to christen the place. The primary has more country-themed sayings hanging above the double beds, while the second bedroom on the third floor has its own “confessional room.” There’s a bench, a green screen, and a selfie stick/light combo behind a closed door to live out one’s reality TV fantasy while wandering through Music City. photos of lindsay’s time summer house Line the walls of the space.

She quips, “I don’t know if any rental has a confession room.” “This is an area of ​​the room that I really wanted to tell the story of my life on TV. We go into the studio, sit in front of a green screen and talk about all our feelings and emotions for months. And months and months, every single year, so I wanted to give anyone who was here, my guests, an opportunity to talk about whatever they wanted to talk about.”

Lindsay buys bachelorette party pad after Nashville affair Separation from fiance/co-star carl radkeIt was only a few months ago that they tied the knot in Mexico, which will all continue Season 8 of the hit series, She says she found herself in the city again, which gave her the perfect opportunity to escape from her adopted hometown of New York.

She thinks, “The healing and grieving process is very different for everyone, and it is a difficult experience.” “There are people who stay at home, there are people who numb their emotions – I did a lot of therapy in the first few months, and after that I thought, let’s travel, let’s try different cities, Let’s experience all my friends living all over America and meeting new people, and then I got to Nashville.”

“I love Nashville,” she says. “It was really hard for me to imagine a city to live in outside of New York, but now that I’ve seen it – oh, have I seen it! – I’ve seen it. Have seen this place and I can’t wait to see more of it.”

Lindsay thanks “the universe” for taking steps to redirect her life, because she wouldn’t have made the leap to becoming homeowners (especially not in Nashville) if she said “I do” to Carl.

“I’ve been wanting to buy a house for a while, and thank God it didn’t work out, because it would have just been something else to part with,” she says. “I mean, honestly, it was as close to a divorce as you can get without actually being married. There were a lot of attachments. We were in trouble for two months and it takes time to work them out, and like -As time goes on, it’s very liberating.”

While Lindsay isn’t relocating to Nashville full-time, it’s officially her second home and, for some lucky guests, that could mean a surprise meeting with the star when they rent her place.

“I’m coming to Nashville on average once a month, maybe, for four to seven days, so if I’m in Nashville and someone DMs me and says, ‘Hey, I’m staying at your property if you’d like to. Want to stop…’ So maybe I will, cause I’m always down to have a good time!”

Interested tenants can join the waiting list for reservation Now, and see more about Lindsay summer house Season 8 begins February 22 on Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Episodes will stream the next day on Peacock.

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