Tori Spelling reveals the comment Dean McDermott made that ultimately led her to file for divorce

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Tori Spelling reveals the comment Dean McDermott made that ultimately led her to file for divorce

zucchini spelling Sharing her side of the story. After the news came out on Friday that the 50-year-old actress… filed for divorce From my husband of 18 years, Dean McDermottSpelling spoke candidly about the decision on her new podcast, miss spellingin the weekends.

“I just filed for divorce. Wow, I just said the words I’ve had in my head for 16 years. Wild,” an audible emotional Spelling shared.

90210 The star called her former partner during a podcast recording to tell her that the filing news had become public. And while McDermott’s side of the conversation could not be heard, Spelling said McDermott was worried about his filing prospects at first.

“I think I deserve to file first. You’ve basically put everything out there daily Mail,” she told her ex, Referring to a recent interview, “You said everything you’ve done to me over the years. So I think it would only make sense that I file it. Because these are things I would never have told anyone and you did this.”

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Despite the tension, Spelling ended the call by telling McDermott, “I love you.”

“I’ve never felt so alone,” the mother of five admitted, adding, “I don’t feel unlovable.”

She described her early courtship with McDermott, calling it a “fairytale romance”.

Spelling admitted, “Dean and I had a fairytale romance, even though we were both married when we met – not a fairytale.” “But we had other partners who we betrayed and left and then we got back together.”

She said that once they started having children, “our relationship was never the same.”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott in 2006 – Andreas Branch/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

She said, “Everything became focused on the kids and I kind of gave up on him. And I understand. It’s not an excuse for his behavior and everything he’s done.”

Noting that their marriage should not have lasted 18 years, Spelling recalled telling a friend that she would leave her ex-husband when her children outgrew their car seats, but then she decided to have more children. to continue.

But when the “final blow” came in June 2023 after a major fight between the couple.

Claiming that the now-sober McDermott was “drinking,” Spelling shared the comment her ex made that sent her over the edge.

“He said, ‘Ugh, I’m so sick of this. I’ve been learning Tori Spelling’s bullshit for 18 years.’ And I lost it,” Spelling said.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott – getty images

Following the fight, McDermott posted an announcement on Instagram ending his marriage to Spelling. Later he deleted the post.

one in November 2023 Interview with daily MailMcDermott shared his description of the night, saying, “My worst memory with Tori is the last fight I had when I was drunk and angry. It was the night I lashed out against her and the kids and I saw the light, the last flickering light extinguish the fire in his eyes… I posted this because I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t know what to do. I had burned everything once again.”

Later, McDermott said he “took some more pills, and I took six or seven Ambien in hopes that I wouldn’t wake up.”

He said, “Thank God I did it. Thank God I did it.” “Because if I died I would ruin a lot of lives.”

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The former couple have children Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7. McDermott is also father to 24-year-old Jack from a previous relationship.

Spelling filed for divorce last week. In the documents, which were obtained by ET, Spelling listed her and McDermott’s separation as June 17, 2023 (fight night) and noted that irreconcilable differences are the reason for the split. Spelling is requesting spousal support from McDermott and is asking the court to end her estranged husband’s ability to receive financial support.

Earlier this month, a source told ET Spelling and McDermott were “in much better shape” recently.

“Dean is taking care of himself, which has made it easier for him and Tori to co-parent,” the source said. “Dean is more involved with his children, and they are all doing well and reuniting as a family.”

However, just a few weeks later, pictures surfaced The couple had an emotional meeting in a storage unit. In photos obtained by ET, Spelling can be seen throwing a bag toward McDermott and crying in her car.

Both parties have moved forward romantically. Spelling is seeing Ryan Cramer, whom she Was seen out in November, and McDermott is Dating Lily Callow,

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