Tori Spelling drops divorce bomb on Dean during podcast

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Now that Tori Spelling has filed for divorce from Dean McDermott After almost a year of separation, maybe they both can find the relationship they need.

In early May 2006, the infamous couple got married in a private ceremony. April 2024 would have been his 18th birthday.

Instead, they Partition in June 2023, After much delay, Tori has filed paperwork to officially end their marriage.

Divorce is not a surprise. But no one expected that she would break the news to Dean like this. it,

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott in November 2019.
Tori Spelling (left) and Dean McDermott attend UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital’s 20th annual “Party on the Pier” at Pacific Park – Santa Monica Pier on November 03, 2019. (Photo credit: Sarah Morris/Getty Images for UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital)

Tori Spelling tells Dean McDermott about filing for divorce in the strangest way

On Tori Spelling miss spelling podcastOn the March 31 episode, she discussed her divorce filing before telling Dean McDermott the news.

Dean’s voice was not included in the audio. California is a two-party consent state, and recording someone else’s words in a private conversation requires their permission.

However, listeners could hear everything Tori said towards her ex-husband. And although they are things are going very well these daysthere is clearly a Very Of difficult emotions at work.

While Dean was working Tori called him and shared the news that she had officially filed for divorce from him.

First of all, he kept it simple. It’s a formality, and their marriage actually ended about a year ago.

(In fact, Tori revealed the date of their separation to be June 17 – the day Dean unilaterally announced their separation to the world.)

A jarring light mode screenshot of Dean McDermott's Instagram caption announcing the end of his marriage.A jarring light mode screenshot of Dean McDermott's Instagram caption announcing the end of his marriage.
On June 17, 2023, Dean McDermott posted this Instagram caption announcing the end of their marriage. After a few hours he deleted it. (Image credit: Instagram)

Tori and Dean’s conversation takes a turn

When Tori began to explain to Dean the simple formality of signing her one-page filing, it became clear that Dean was not happy with the news. One can only speculate that he felt the media “spin” would make him the bad guy because he complained in the first place.

Tory told him, “If it’s about…who files first, the other person is wrong, then I think I deserve to file first.”

“Well, I mean, you basically put it all there,” she reminded him, referring to His tell-all interview He blinded Tori.

Tori Spelling in May 2023.Tori Spelling in May 2023.
Tori Spelling attends the premiere of Freeform’s “Cruel Summer” season 2 at the Grace E. Simmons Lodge on May 31, 2023. (Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Tory’s apparent displeasure appears to confirm previous reports that she felt This was his “personal pain” And not his to share – no matter how apologetic Dean is in interviews.

She cited “everything you’ve done for me over the years” and explained how she had shared it. “Those are things I never tell anyone, but you did.”

Strangely, despite the tension in the call, Tori ended the call by saying, “Okay, love you.” many People end calls with that, even if it’s not for their (current) partner. But, in context, it’s a little strange.

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