Times Square’s next public artwork is a 65-foot-tall hot dog

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Bustling and bright day and night, Times Square is filled with curious customers, nervous tourists, honking cars, and a few brave cyclists, all of which make the perfect setting for New York’s newest landmark: the 65-foot Long hot dog.

This is no street vendor’s swan song, but a public art installation by Brooklyn-based artist duo Jane Catron and Paul Outlaw. On view from April 30 to June 13, aptly titled hot dogs in the city It will be visible in Duffy Square, the largest plaza in Times Square. The sculpture will include a monumental bun and a classic frankfurter sprinkled with mustard (woe to ketchup-devotees). This too will move; A hydraulic mechanism will lift the sculpture skyward at noon, showering passersby with confetti. The related spectacles are hot and ready: the baseball game, the presidential procession (of decadent, hyper-patriotic flavor), the Fourth of July.

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,hot dogs in the city This is not just a spectacular sculpture; It is a window into the center of American camp and contemporary culture,” said Gene Cooney, director of Times Square Arts, who commissioned the work.

Over the course of the project, food historians, meat producers and vendors will lead public programming – including demonstrations, talks and competitions – that will examine New York’s gastronomic heritage and its connections to classic cuisine. “Through the simple lens of a hot dog, Jen and Paul invite us to let down our guard and delve into the soulful complexities of our society with humor, audacity, and absurdity,” Cooney said in her statement. ”

This isn’t the first major iteration of everyday good manners from this artist duo’s New York trip. In 2019, the pair installed two artworks in the courtyard and lawn of the Brooklyn Museum: a giant hot fudge sundae dangerously laden with ice cream scoops and, outside, a bathroom sink. They are certainly humorous, but tragic; The sundae wobbles wildly, threatening a massive cleanup or cavitation, while the faucet is left running – both functioning as self-circulating fountains – as if this parched planet has water to spare. Outlaw and Catron say it all smacks of consumer excess and uncontrolled celebration, which is the issue.

His pop-influenced art, which also extends to video and performance, promotes and critiques the worst of the American dream, its insatiable appetite (you really need it). He Lots of ice cream?), combative confidence, and capitalistic impulses. They give these over-sized items to the masses and then wait – hope – for someone to ask if it’s really needed – or, even better, how did this country normalize such outrageous consumption. Did?

The couple explained, “Our work strives to engage more people in our conversations through the immediate temptation of visual gratification, thereby paving the way for more meaningful conversations in relation to social critiques.” ARTnews, “Food is a tool we often use for this exchange, because its currency is understood by everyone. Hot dog People are food and Times Square is the center of the universe, so the pairing of the two makes perfect sense.

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