TikTokers share the most unique hotel room layouts

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Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that had a really weird layout, weird furniture, or amenities that couldn’t be described?

Some TikTok creators have shared room tours of the strangest rooms they’ve stayed in, along with comedic commentary.

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TikTokers Share Crazy Hotel Room Tours!

TikTok | Samantha Mack

The last thing anyone wants when staying in a hotel room away from home is a strange atmosphere, an inexplicably placed tub or toilet, or anything else that leaves you wondering what’s going on.

TikToker Samantha Mack The hotel room she recently stayed in had some strange features that may have some explanation.

“This is the weirdest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in,” she said, standing in front of the door into the room. Then he toured the room a bit with a view to entering.

To the right, there was some strange storage in an unusual location and a television that was not visible from the bed. Across from the television, near the door, is a chair and a lamp “that doesn’t burn.”

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There is a bed on a platform not far from a useless lamp and a chair. You have to reach over to climb onto the bed, but it appears it’s not too far off the floor. At the end of the bed it says, “All people are multidimensional.”

On the other side of the bed are windows and a long table with a tilted dustbin underneath. And that’s not even the weirdest part of the room!

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The ‘bathroom’ area is awkwardly located

The bathtub is literally in the middle of the room, not far from the end of the bed. And while there is a shower curtain on both sides, the front of the tub near the windows has an oddly placed mirror and no shower curtain. So even if you use shower curtains on both sides, everyone in the room can see you shower thanks to the weak end of the tub and mirror.

She said, “I don’t really understand. You’ve had a bath and then you get in the shower and you’re looking at yourself naked.” “Because it doesn’t close that way. And then everyone can see you shower, too.”

Then he showed the sink, which is halfway off the counter, and the toilet, which, like the shower, is awkwardly placed in the same room.

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“And then you just have a very long hallway and a toilet,” she said. “And all.”

Many viewers had things to say about the strange layout of the hotel room.

“It’s a crime for the tub to touch the carpet,” one person wrote. “I wasn’t prepared for toilet alley,” said another.

One viewer shared this, summarizing it, “It’s like 50 people debated their point of view about the room and this was the agreement.”

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If you thought that room was weird, wait until you see this!

tyler nicholas on tiktok
TikTok | tyler nicholas

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, tyler nicholas Shares a hotel room that makes people literally shake their heads.

He first shows where the bed is and says it gets five stars. Then he walks around a few feet from the bed where you see the bathtub and then, just beyond that, close to the door, is the toilet, partially exposed.

“Let’s say you’re laying here with your hot date, and you need to use the bathroom,” he said.

He then shows that the toilet is behind a glass door where the bottom is clear so you can see the legs and some large gaps in the door.

“Also, there’s a controller in the toilet. There’s one player and two players,” he said humorously. “I don’t know how two players work. It’s weird. Plus, this toilet is a smart toilet.”

Then he showed the sink and pointed out how close to the edge the water comes out of the tap. “No matter what you do, water comes out,” he said, demonstrating.

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Only cold showers and hot baths!

As if toilet and sink problems weren’t enough, Tyler said you have two options for bathing – a cold shower or a steamy hot shower.

“This shower. Only extremely cold water. Nothing but cold,” he explained. “This tub. Nothing but scalding hot water. I’m not sure why. So, I bathed here (pointing to the tub), elf style.”

The room also has an extremely uncomfortable looking “banana couch”.

“It’s a weird hotel room,” he said. “This is the Pasadena Hotel and Pool in Pasadena.”

One viewer joked, “It’s basically a sound chamber built acoustically to amplify the ‘noise’ around the hotel room,” to which Tyler responded, “Haha dude, it’s an amphitheater.” Is like.”

Free hotel stay… with one serious catch!

There’s a hotel that will let you stay for free, but it has a serious problem.

“You can stay in this hotel room for free,” a video DruHacks Explains. “The only problem is that all your walls are glass, and the room is in the hotel lobby, so people can see you all the time.”

The content creator stopped by the room to share what it was like. He said his first impression was “awesome”. But then things changed.

“You’ll get a fancy bed, a desk, and a normal bathroom with real walls,” he said. “I even ordered room service for lunch. But just because you’re eating doesn’t mean people will stop taking pictures of you.”

People were just standing and watching it as if it was a show. He said he felt like “an animal in the zoo,” which seems like a perfectly appropriate analogy.

“And when I started sleeping, some people tried to wake me up,” he added. “But when they left me alone, I realized that the lights never go off and there’s music playing in the lobby all night.”

Despite all this, he recommends the experience.

One viewer had a solution to people’s stares and said, “I’ll just stay in the bathroom.” Many others also suggested the same.

Another person suggested, “Get something to cover the glass.”

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