There’s a baby on the way!

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veteran reality star Francesca Farago There’s no shame in documenting your fertility struggles on social media, and now, there’s reason to celebrate. Farago, 29, announced that she and fiancé jesse sullivanThe 33-year-old is expecting his first child.

The happy couple shared the news via a joint Instagram post shared on Sunday, March 31.

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Farago announces pregnancy on social media

“We wanted to take this special day to celebrate this amazing milestone with all of you. We brought you with us even when we lost, so we can’t wait to bring you with us when we win,” Farago gushed. caption,

“I am still very pregnant, and there is much more to come, but we are so excited to grow our family with Arlo as the best big brother and sister! Ahh I’m pregnant!”

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Farago’s partner commented, “I finally got her pregnant! So excited to be a dad to more world changers!”, while comments from famous friends also flooded the post. As if wishes came from the stars Chrishell StauseWho said, “So very, very happy for you both,” Demi Lovato, who wrote, “Yayyy!!! So happy for you both!!!!”, and Remi Bader, who commented, “So happy for you both. love you!!!!”

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Farago and Sullivan document their fertility journey


The couple had been documenting their fertility journey on their social media channels. Sullivan posted a TikTok to coincide with the Instagram announcement, showing a behind-the-scenes clip of the couple as they struggled to get pregnant.

“we’re pregnant!” the proud father captioned Video, “It’s been a struggle to get here, but we feel like TDOV [International Transgender Day of Visibility] It was the perfect day for you to join us in our celebration. I’m so proud of @Francesca Farago for fighting to get here, and I fall more in love with her every day.

The two have also documented their relationship, including their fertility struggles, on their joint YouTube channel. Francesca and Jessie,

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From social and reality stars to parents

Farago rose to fame after appearing on several dating reality shows such as “Too Hot to Handle” and “Perfect Match”. Sullivan is a popular content creator who has over 2 million followers on TikTok alone. He came out as transgender in 2019 and is the father of a teenage son, Arlo, from a previous relationship.

Farago and Sullivan met in a Zoom meeting for a TikTok Pride event in 2021. “After meeting on a Zoom call (Farago was interviewing the influencer for a TikTok Pride event) there was ‘instant attraction through the screen,’” she said. [to PEOPLE magazine], ‘We both couldn’t stop staring at each other. After Zoom I remember running around the house and telling my friends that I found my new boyfriend.

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Sullivan’s fatherhood journey

Before transitioning, Sullivan became pregnant with Arla as a teenager. They told popsugar Although it was a frightening time, she “did not consider abortion or putting her child up for adoption.” ‘It was something I felt inside, and I thought, ‘I’m going to do this, I want to raise the most amazing human being.’ It was a really strong intuition I had. I just knew that I was going to bring someone amazing into the world, and I was going to bring it up very differently than the way I was raised and the way I’ve seen so many people grow up. Was going to do. She was such an inspiration, ‘You can do this.’

It was the birth of Arlo that inspired Sullivan to live his authentic life.

“When Arlo was just a kid, he came out as gay. “She was really my inspiration for this,” he said. ‘I remember watching her as a child, and I thought, ‘If I’m going to raise this child and I want her to grow up to be who she wants to be, So I have to be that,” he told the website.

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What the future holds for prospective parents

Francesca Farago and Jessie Sullivan

Farago and Sullivan couldn’t be more thrilled with the addition to their family. As she told People, her and Sullivan’s future includes, “growing our family, getting more animals, raising kids together and just being in love.”


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