The Santa Clause star David Krumholtz reveals what filming the franchise was really like

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Santa Claus Star David Krumholtz reveals what it was like shooting and following the hit film, Santa Claus 2.

Krumholtz, 45, played Bernard the Elf on the hit series, in which he also co-starred Tim Allen.

He is also known for Numb3rs and 10 things I hate about you.

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The Santa Clause star David Krumholtz has revealed what it was like shooting the hit film and its follow-up. (Walt Disney Pictures)

The actor shared a story x While shooting the second film in 2002, he said he was “unhappy” and “sad” on the set – despite the film being based on festive cheer.

He further added that once on the set, there was a fire in the toy workshop.

“Okay. Last story for a while. It’s my favorite. A story of real-time ego deflation. It’s 2002. I’m 24 years old,” he began.

“I shoot Santa Claus 2 In vancouver. It’s been 8 years since we shot the original film. I am sad. Long shooting. It’s been raining all day in Vancouver, err,…”

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David Krumholtz
The actor shared on X a story from his time on the set during the shooting of the second film in 2002. (x)
David Krumholtz
He further added that once on the set, there was a fire in the toy workshop. (X)

He said he had “a small nervous breakdown with daily episodic nervousness”.

Krumholtz said that Allen and the 200 children who played elves in the film had to be gone by 3 pm every day so he would often “act with tennis balls on the C-stand”.

“All day, wrong day. For three months. I’m so depressed,” she wrote.

“Quarter life crisis, wearing an elf costume. The crew was kind because I was quite nervous.”

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David Krumholtz
“Quarter life crisis, wearing an elf costume,” he said. (WireImage)

He also revealed that at one point a fire broke out on the set he was working on and he alerted the staff about the incident.

He said, “One day, a fire broke out from excessively hot lights on the top level of the toy workshop. I calmly alerted the manufacturers about the fire, I saved that set and many lives.”

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Krumholtz’s revelation comes after actress Casey Wilson’s claim tim allen was one of The most rude co-star I have ever worked with, After working together on the pilot episode of the Disney+ show Santa Claus,

snl Star Wilson, 43, said in her recent episode b–ch sesh Podcast said working with Home improvement Star Allen, 70, said: “Worst experience I’ve ever had with a co-star.”

This is after Casey Wilson claimed Tim Allen was one of the rudest co-stars she’s ever worked with. (Getty Images for Vox Media)

“Tim Allen was a very nasty man,” he alleged. Diversity.

”When he was finished [on set], He was very rude. Never made eye contact, never said anything. It was very uncomfortable.”

He claimed that when he left, instead of telling the cast and crew, he simply said, “Leaving!”

She explained that during one scene when they were together, she had to throw stuff at him as he was coming down the chimney because Santa and her character thought he was a robber.

Tim Allen as Santa Claus in Disney+'s The Santa Clause (2022).
They starred together in a pilot episode of the Disney+ show, The Santa Clause. (disney+)

“So I’m throwing things at him. [He] Goes to the producer who is standing four feet away from me and goes, and I hear him, he says, ‘You have to tell him to stop stepping on my lines.’

“The producer turns to me with a look of horror on his face and he has to walk one foot toward me and he says, ‘Um, Tim is going to ask you to stop stepping on his lines.’”

She also claimed that another person on the set told her: “You’re looking at her on a good day.”

Santa Claus The TV series is scheduled to run for two seasons from 2022 to 2023.

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