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I’m not sure the world asked for another idea at 20th Century Fox Prognostic franchise, with Damian (who made number 666 iconic) and company constantly reviving the series. Since the original 1976 film when Damian first appeared on film with Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, we Damien: Omen II, The Final Conflict, Omen IV: The Awakening (in which a girl becomes the Antichrist for the first time), 2006 remake Prognostic , even 2016 damien TV series. Of course like all these horror franchises it’s inevitable that someone will come up with an original story idea, and that’s what we have now. first omen which is undoubtedly No First, the very latest. But, established in 1971, it attempts to take us straight to the door of reality First , 1976 starter directed by Richard Donner.

So far the last few months have been pretty good for Shaitan, which landed a disappointing box office reboot, Exorcist: Believer, clever and fresh late night with the devil Who imagines a network talk show that is taken over by Satan, Nirmal (which offered tickets for $6.66 in a box office promotion this week) with Sydney Sweeney as a nun trapped in a demonic Immaculate Conception, and now first omen Which shares some similarities with the latter as it focuses on a novice aiming for pregnancy and getting caught up in the dark and mysterious circumstances surrounding multiple pregnancies in the Roman orphanage where she goes before becoming a nun.

At the center of this particular universe is Margaret (Nell Tiger Free), an American woman, herself an orphan, who comes to Italy to begin serving God, but gets caught up in circumstances that will ultimately reveal how—and Why – Damian will emerge. In many ways the film, from Arkasha Stevenson, a female director who also co-wrote the screenplay, is less of a horror film and more of a 70s-style psychological paranoia thriller for most of its runtime, and in no small part There is no debt. Roman Polanski’s 1968 Rosemary’s baby.

It’s stylish, sometimes scary, and quite familiar as it is based on those in the Catholic hierarchy who feel they are losing the younger generation and need to find a way to change the trajectory. extreme Exercise that becomes a dance with the devil. Margaret is a shy young woman who slowly realizes that there is more to it than meets the eye. Her roommate on the other hand is a real live wire named Luz Velez (played with feeling by Maria Caballero) who doesn’t behave like a nun in training and has actually lived quite the life and urges Margaret to relax. , even going with him to a nightclub where she meets a man, an event that ultimately becomes a turning point for her as things get really dark.

Margaret also takes a liking to Carlita (Nicole Soares), a young orphan with whom she identifies personally. Ralph Ineson, a fine actor, turns up as the original 1976 character Father Brennan, who is pre-communicated and is trying to warn Margaret about some strange circumstances and dangerous events occurring at the location.

Among the rest of the cast, Bill Nighy is, as always, a standout as the powerful Cardinal Lawrence, once the priest at the orphanage. Veteran Brazilian star Sonia Braga plays Sister Silva, the orphanage’s abbess, who is no stranger to suffering, and adds her signature fire to the proceedings. The Rome locations are welcome, and Mark Corwen’s score certainly doesn’t top Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-winning 1976 original score, but it tips its hat and mirrors it in parts, even. That even extends to the use of Goldsmith’s haunting Oscar-nominated song, “Ave Satani”.

Although it is a well-worn style, and Prognostic The franchise is now close to half a century old, the Italian setting and excellent cast making it worthwhile for fans who want to see how it all began, even if the nun-in-distress sub genre is becoming quite predictable. first omen It’s not for the squeamish, and it builds to its obvious climax as well as you might expect, but it’s still well-crafted enough to be an interesting entry in the series worth getting back to. There was no other place for, uh, Backwards. whether first omen is also ultimately last omen, Time – and the box office – will tell.

Producer David S. Goyer and Keith Levin.

Topic: first omen

Distributor: 20th century films/Walt Disney Studios

Release date: 5 April 2024

Director: arakasha stevenson

Script: Tim Smith and Arkasha Stevenson and Keith Thomas. Story by Ben Jacoby

Mould: Nell Tiger Free, Bill Nighy, Ralph Ineson, Sonia Braga, Maria Caballero, Nicole Soares, Taufik Barhoum

Rating: R

running time: 2 hours

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