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spoiler ALERT: This article contains details of tonight’s The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season 1 finale.

Danai Gurira says, “There was always something about the relationship between these two characters.” ‘The Walking Dead’Michonne and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the lovers reunite over nearly insurmountable obstacles and armies of walkers in the spinoff those who are alive, “The plan was always that we would complete this love story in a new form.”

It’s fitting in many ways that Michonne and Rick’s love story comes full circle on a day of renewal like Easter Sunday. However, there is no official word on whether there will be more The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Or Michonne and Rick, surely saving a large portion of humanity at the end of tonight’s Season 1 finale and reuniting with their children Judith (Callie Fleming) and RJ (Antony Azor) is as gratifying as anything in the zombie apocalypse franchise. any fan of ‘s can ask. For.

Debuting on February 25 after years of delays, the TWDverse’s sixth spinoff sees Grimes as a cog in the Civic Republic military machine in what used to be Philadelphia and Michonne trekking to the East Coast in what used to be . The United States will eventually find him. Initially set as a series of Rick Grimes films, the six-episode first season finale ‘The Last Time’ was created by Scott Gimple, Gurira and Lincoln. those who are alive In fact, not only the fate of Rick and Michonne but the fate of the entire human race was in his hands.

Now single-handed Grimes and Michonne are racing against time to stop Major General Beale (Terry O’Quinn) of the Civic Republic military from his grand plan to wipe out Portland and all other remaining independent city states, Gimple and The Channing Powell-written episode successfully accomplished the nearly impossible task of tying together the abundance of narrative threads woven through the characters’ lives. TWD’s 2010 premiere.

Even though humanity only has 14 years left, as Beale tells Grimes as scientists estimate that the Walker disease spreads, ‘The Last Time’ tells us that Rick and Michonne have saved their family from the purest form of being human. brought together in expression. ,

in that contextblack Panther Alumnus Gurira talked to me about tonight’s finale, whether there will be more Richons, and what love means at the end of the world.

deadline: There’s a line in tonight’s finale, “Love doesn’t die,” that pretty much sums up what Michonne and Rick have been and are doing in The Ones Who Live. What does that line mean to you?

buy call: This is exactly what she has gone through and how she has struggled.

By this I mean that the level of struggle he had to go through and even the trauma he went through didn’t hurt. It doesn’t matter what they have and what they are to each other. This had no effect on how enduring their love was. How their love has truly overcome all they have gone through. So, the idea that you give up on love is not something she would ever do, and there is no point in doing so. I think it really stands in triumph of the combination of their journey.

deadline: ‘The Last Time’ ends with Rick and Michonne saving Portland from destruction, overthrowing the tyranny of the CRM, and ultimately reuniting with their children RJ and Judith. It’s a perfect end to their saga on many levels, but…

Purchase: there is one…

deadline: There’s a but, but that’s why they call it show business, not show family, and The Ones Who Live, a strong branch of the Walking Dead universe, has been a huge hit for AMC, so is there a season 2 will be?

Purchase: (laughing) Well, as you know, there can be no answer to such a question.

deadline: In fact?

Purchase: You know, my job is to constantly mislead you. But, I can tell you that it was a beautiful thing to film and it was wonderful to see Antony with Andy. He was usually a little more reserved, but there was something about their meeting as it was for RJ’s meeting with Rick. Here’s this emerging powerful character who was there around him but was never there, you know. And so just watching them connect and seeing how much excitement RJ, Anthony brought, they had such an amazing chemistry. It was really special.

deadline: Is this how you envisioned the ending of Rick and Michonne and the kids’ story, because it got a little rough for Rick a few times in this finale – especially one time where it looked like he was walker meat. ..

Purchase: It’s really been an incredible journey and, going into this journey, we knew we had to accomplish what we were proposing based on how we both left off with the original Walking Dead. It was really an unconventional journey and an unconventional pairing, but it was organic.

deadline: what do you mean?

Purchase: There was always some plan regarding the connection between these two characters that we would complete this love story in a new form. I’m really grateful for how it turned out.

Also, I just wanted to give a lot of love to our amazing crew, the new guys that came and went on this journey with us, of course the OGS that were with us. thanks all.

deadline: We’ve seen this love story play out on screen for years amid the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. But on The Ones Who Live, we saw you not only coming up with the story for the season with Gimple and Andy, but also writing the fourth episode, ‘What We.’ An episode that defines the franchise in many ways, particularly as Michonne finally overcomes Rick’s constraints, for lack of a better expression, and is allowed to convey the trauma of her son Carl’s death throughout The Walking Dead years. Granted, the way it blindsided him, both figuratively and emotionally.

With all that said, did the additional behind-the-scenes role change your perspective on the show, on Michonne?

Purchase: Oh yes.

You’ve got a limited set, you’ve got a limited space, you’ve got a limited number of people and you’ve got to keep the ball in the air, do you know what I mean? That’s the best place to play, isn’t it? It was very intense.

deadline: how come?

Purchase: I was trying to thread the needle of pushing them as far away from their normal selves as I could, while still keeping them themselves and also allowing them to thread through the idea of ​​who was holding Rick back. Is. Creating that cause, something that resonates emotionally. Not something that is logical because wounds are never logical, they are emotional. They need to be understood with our humanity, human understanding.

So, when we finally get there, when Michonne finally gets it to a place where she can, express that thing inside of her that’s keeping her from doing what she knows is the right thing to do. . You know, we actually get it, and it’s that kind of expected surprise, like, Oh, okay, I get that. We understand why that has been so difficult.

deadline: Of course, Carl comes up in the finale, when Andy’s Rick talks about him in that tense briefing scene with Terry O’Quinn’s Beale, where the plan to attack Portland and impose martial law and military rule is unveiled. Michonne also attends a large briefing where it is explained how the CRM has infiltrated the Portland school system and how 10% of the children will be abducted to become part of the CRM machine before the attack. Speak. It sounded to me like Russia kidnapping children from Ukraine, it sounded to me like kidnapping of people for the slave trade.

You’re masked, but there’s so much in your eyes as you see images of children, especially the little boy who could be RJ… What was that like for you, because God, you were so present in that moment of what happened I saw.

Purchase: Thank you.

Yes, it’s hard to live under the mask, but you know, seeing the horrors she’s seeing, seeing her plans and pictures of faces – that’s the connection.

She’s a very humane person who fights for the well-being of others, and that’s evident here, how she knows she must stop this attack from happening, you can see that she’s really thinking about the end of her time on motherhood. The Choices She Made in Show, when she goes through that tragic experience where she sees who she could have been. He has chosen to become a very different person from the potential darkness that once was within him.

I mean, the scary thing is that yes, there are echoes of real life that that scene really provokes. And that’s what’s so scary about it. And yes, it was about these kinds of things going on inside him. Michonne felt like I couldn’t live with her, there was no way for me to live. Yes, I can’t go on like this. I’m glad if it was the same for you, especially given the fact that there are some real daily issues we face today that, unfortunately, look similar.

And of course, she’s thinking about her children, and what it would mean to lose them like this.
So the last picture is the same as it was. And I chose him.

deadline: It’s a very powerful choice, both as a producer and an actor one has to respond to it, I mean it’s your own child…

Gurira: Yeah, I told her on set to finally see that young guy, because he was going to bother her. completely.

deadline: Also, how has the journey been for you so far?

Purchase: Dominic, it’s truly been a gift and a blessing to be a part of this franchise.

The way it was built from the ground up was very fascinating to me. I was in the throes of becoming a playwright and when this role came to me, I had turned down other job opportunities because I wasn’t ready to commit myself the way TV requires you to.

But when it came out, I found out that it was really inspiring to see all these actors on screen, from Jon Bernthal to Andy to Steven to Yun. I thought these people were acting like they were leaving nothing at home. You know, there’s real sweat and I loved that. So, I committed, but you know, it was a famous comic book character, it was the sword, which was great. But the journey I got to do with her, and the way she was able to evolve and we were able to really incorporate her into the comic book, into her own thing, was pretty special.

deadline: I know we can’t talk about future seasons or whether there won’t be future seasons, but, let’s work on the assumption that this could be the end…

Purchase: Let us go…

deadline: Looking back at your time as part of this franchise, looking back at your time playing Michonne, what are your feelings about this final episode, these final scenes, these final moments, your final episode in this role. What could have happened that you have endured for so many years?

Purchase: I wish I had had my sword for a long time.

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