‘The Marvels’ Succeeds in Adding Fun and Reducing MCU Bloat

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The 33rd film is also the shortest in the MCU, and that’s progress.

By Rob Hunter · Published November 11, 2023

Spend much time around the virtual watercooler these days, and you’ll be hearing a lot of doom and gloom about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some are claiming that the MCU and superhero movies in general have lost audience support, while others predict that a Marvel reboot is imminent. However, one thing everyone agrees on is that the current run of MCU movies is somewhat of a mess. Blame the pandemic, blame Disney+, blame Kevin Feige for flying too close to the sun, but the MCU has seen far better days. What are the chances that the thirty-third feature in the MCU could change that? Thinner than none, which is a shame Miracle Spending time at the movies is fun and ultimately okay.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (brie larson) is enduring the sadness of introspection from the safety and isolation of space. The truth he discovered in 2019 captain marvel Inspiring him to destroy an AI called the Supreme Intelligence, and the Kree planet of Hala suffers in the wake of the upcoming civil war. The results come out as Dar-Ben (zave ashton), the new Kree leader and a woman with a plan to blow a hole in the universe to recover her homeland. Making things more complicated is an anomaly that connects Captain Marvel to two other power-packed young women. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Miss Marvel herself, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), immediately swap places with someone else in the trio whenever any of them use their powers. Anarchy has no effect on these women.

the first thing you walk away from Miracle Its hour and forty-five minute running time has been praised. That’s not a knock, it’s an honest praise for the shortest entry in the entire MCU (and one of only eight at under two hours). The film dives into its story quickly, sets its goals, and exits before the general swelling on your brain begins. To be fair, the film has some problems that keep it from reaching the best the MCU has to offer, but on its own merits it’s a light, sweet, and entertaining tour of the house that Feige has built.

While many of the MCU movies are filled with threads, ideas, and setups for future features, Miracle Keeps most of that on the margins (or the end credits scene). by script director nia dacosta, megan mcdonnellAnd Alyssa Karasik – Instead focuses on the current situation. It’s a refreshing change, but more than that, it helps keep the energy of the film intact. The highlight on that front is a wildly entertaining and frenetic action set-piece that begins with the first location swap incident.

The three women begin hanging out in the space between Kamala’s home, Nick Fury’s home in Jersey City (samuel l jackson) space station, and Captain Marvel’s space adventure, it’s all ready for a thrill. missy elliott Tune. The jumps coincide with Kree attacks, meaning the fights are unfolding with characters swapping mid-punch, jump, fall, etc., and DaCosta and friends offer some creative choreography that brings it to the screen. . The later action sequences don’t come with the same level of thrill and entertainment, but they are kept quite lively due to the personalities of the people involved – especially Vellani.

Vellani is a bubbly girl playing a teen hero who’s very happy to be in the room with Captain Marvel and Monica – another bonus here is that, unlike the most recent Ant-Man sequels, these actors seem to It’s like they’re actually having a conversation together. In one place – and that enthusiasm is contagious to the audience. His enthusiasm becomes ours as the action and banter keep things light between them. They work well together, and this impacts his treatment of Dar-Ben as well as his recognition of his situation and Captain Marvel’s culpability in it. She’s the kind of movie villain whose cause makes complete sense, meaning you agree with her reasoning, even if you take issue with how she deals with it.

It messes with the tone MiracleHowever, genocide occurs on at least two planets as part of Dar-Ben’s plan. Light-hearted feel to the film – there’s lots of cat shenanigans, and we even get a tour of a planet led by a K-drama star Park Seo-jun Where People Communicate Through Song (Because James Gunn’s “Weird” Guardians of the Galaxy The impact is strong) – one allows a brief cry against a genocidal event while the other barely gets by with an acknowledgement. An entire world has ended, the characters we just met and spent time with are now gone, and after a few minutes our leads have completely moved on. This makes the more serious elements of the film feel unimportant, but while it hurts the weight of it all, it does allow the fun, feminine camaraderie to shine.

as mentioned above, Miracle doesn’t spend much time with content that’s merely there to set up the future film, but it does rely heavily on past events – from Disney+ streaming shows. Kamala and Monica are both characters whose superhero origins originated on the small screen miss marvel And wandavision, respectively, and a cameo late in the film would only make sense to viewers of a certain other Disney+ show. By the way, that last scene is the rare scene here that totally feels like a harbinger of an upcoming show that will probably be called young avengers Or little avengers Or something equally descriptive.

So where does all this leave us? Miracle, Unlike many of its predecessors, it is a fast-paced and fun entry in the MCU. Yes, homework is required to fully enjoy, but even without television knowledge there’s enough hustle and bustle here to keep you entertained… for an hour and forty-five minutes.

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