Taylor Swift Shares Hilarious TikTok of ‘Accidentally Going Clubbing’ With Her Parents After Super Bowl: Watch

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Taylor Swift Shares Hilarious TikTok of 'Accidentally Going Clubbing' With Her Parents After Super Bowl: Watch

Taylor Swift fun to party with travis kels And then the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII Win, even if that party involves his parents.

In a TikTok posted late Monday evening, “ME!” The 34-year-old singer joked about the fact that her mother, andrea swiftand dad, scott swiftShe and Travis, 34, came together to celebrate the occasion.

“Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” Taylor captioned the hilarious video.

The 17-second video begins with a shot of Travis sticking his tongue out at the camera, after which Taylor looks over to her parents sitting in a booth with the club’s lights and music playing loudly .

“He said it’s a friends and family party,” Taylor wrote on the video. In which she is looking away strangely and grinding her teeth after showing it to her mother and father. “He said, bring your parents.”

The video ends with Andrea and Scott laughing as Taylor looks on uncomfortably at the environment she brought her parents into.

Sunday’s event was a family affair not only for Taylor but also for Travis, whose own parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, attended the big game between the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, and sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce, also came out in support.

t throughout the gameEyler was photographed in a suite with her mom and dadAs well as Travis’ family, the group watched the Chiefs rally to a thrilling 25–22 victory over the 49ers, clinching their third NFL Super Bowl title in five years.

The group had a private suite Reportedly provided by Travis myself, whom tmz It was previously reported that he pulled the trigger and footed the bill so that he and Swift’s family and friends could sit together at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Taylor also brought along her close friends– Blake Lively And ice masala — and even invited friend and collaborator Lana Del Rey into the suite from a different section.

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After a victorious victory over the California NFL team, Taylor, Donna, Ed and Jason come to the field to celebrate Travis’ victory, which Taylor and Travis sealed with a romantic kiss As millions of eyes watched from around the world.

From there, the group headed to the Chiefs after-party, where the lovers were seen dancing the night away to several of the “Karma” singer’s songs at the XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas.

In an adorable moment shared on social media, a video shows Taylor and Travis dancing, singing and kissing together as “Love Story” plays through the speakers. Another online video shows Taylor singing along to a remix version of her Grammy Award-nominated hit “Anti-Hero”.

Additionally, at one point during the celebration, Travis got behind the DJ booth with The Chainsmokers and began singing “You Belong with Me” as the video captured him staring at his girlfriend and lovingly singing his song to her. I went.

A source told ET on Monday that Taylor and Travis were “spotted exchanging affectionate gestures throughout the evening, including a celebratory kiss” as they continued the party until 5:15 a.m.

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