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he never dreamed of Taylor Swift Imagine her parents going clubbing with her – but look, it happened! The 34-year-old pop icon shares her boyfriend’s first social media video travis kels At the party after Super Bowl LVIII, and they brought his mom, andrea swiftand dad, scott swiftTogether for the night.

“Accidentally going to a club with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” Taylor wrote in the caption. TIC Toc Video on Monday, February 12, immediately after the Super Bowl. Travis, 34, was seen at a packed nightclub at the beginning of the clip. Taylor then showed her parents smiling and enjoying drinks on camera while she wrote in the video, “They said it’s a friends and family party. They said, bring your parents.”

Swifties reacted to Taylor’s candid video in the comments section, surprised to learn that the “Karma” singer finally posted a video on her account.

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Accidentally going to a club with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life

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First appearance of Travis on Taylor’s account???? Oh this is good, I’m crazy about it,” one fan commented. “I watched this multiple times before I realized it was actually Taylor Swift,” another wrote, while a different user said, “Same, I was like no, it’s Taylor.” Not there.” I realized the blue check.

Others also praised Andrea and Scott for tagging along. taste taste Commented, “Mom + Dad for the win.”

It was a memorable night for the athlete and recording artist. In other viral social media clips, attendees captured the couple kissing and dancing to some of Taylor’s songs, including “Love Story.”

Taylor and her parents — in addition to Travis’ family — cheered on Sunday night’s football tight end between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Although the 49ers had the upper hand in the first quarter, the Chiefs came back and won in overtime. This was their second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

Travis and his teammates celebrate on the field after defeating the 49ers. Taylor joined everyone in congratulating his favorite player and they were also seen kissing each other. Of course, cameras surrounded the couple, but they didn’t let the attention bother them.

The “Cruel Summer” hitmaker flew from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch Travis play. He is currently in the middle of his international phase eras tour, Their next stop is in Melbourne, Australia on February 16.

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