Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s engagement: A fan theory I refuse to believe

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Rai–as one swiftyI have a habit of saying strange things principles coming true.

There was the one where everyone guessed that his co-author was actually William Bowery. joe alwynAnd the mysterious butterfly mural in Nashville that had a promo Me!.

There was speculation that she was singing back-up vocals. Calvin Harris, this is what you came forAnd the correct prediction is that a 1989 TV announcement coming on August 9th.

However, there is a fan theory that I rule out co-signing any time in the near future. And Taylor and Travis are going to get engaged in the coming weeks.

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There is a lot of speculation regarding Taylor and Travis’ relationship. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

As soon as Taylor raised her beautiful blonde head for the first time at a Chiefs game in September, everyone started asking loudly when the pair would get engaged.

“Of course he’ll pop the question after winning the Super Bowl,” people are assuring us on social media and tabloid headlines, as if we’re living inside a 2000s rom-com.

“If you win on Sunday will there be another ring besides a Super Bowl ring?” One reporter Travis Kelce asked in a press conference for his team last week. “I’m focused on getting it Ring the bell and that’s what my mind is focused on right now.”

they are asking him Marigold To pay attention to rumors also.

Someone even asked me to consider the theory that Taylor is going to announce her engagement on stage at her Melbourne show this weekend.

friends. Can we catch up please?

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are seen attending the Vogue Bafta Party at Annabel's Club in Mayfair on February 10, 2019 in London, England.
There are rumors that Taylor and Joe were engaged before their separation. (Getty)

I understood. For the past six years, Taylor has been somewhat of a recluse, especially when it comes to her personal life. But now we have come out of the Joe Alvin era.

In 2023, Taylor made more than 70 public appearances, ranging from a 1975 concert performance to a dinner with friends.

Compare this to the years between 2017 and 2022 saw Only released about 55 times, even though he released six albums within that time.

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So it makes sense that we’re all really wrapped up in the excitement of seeing her out of her house, living her life — not to mention actually dating someone who clearly loves her and Appreciates her… instead of avoiding questions about her.

but please. There’s no way they’ll have a public offering, at least not in the near future. They have been together for barely six months. Are you all also hoping for Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper to get married and settle down?

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Taylor still has a year full of Eras Tour dates. (Getty)

There is no doubt in my mind that Taylor Swift is a girl who has been planning her wedding since birth, dreaming about color schemes and themes and flowers. Her engagement to this man, who is clearly the love of her life (I think) will be one of the best days of her life.

But he is also not an idiot. After releasing countless love songs about Joe Alvin and his ‘magnetic power’ or whatever, I don’t see him co-signing any public proposal with Travis until they’ve been together for at least a year. Have not been together till.

Plus, let’s not forget that she hasn’t even reached the halfway point of her 151-show Erasure Tour, which is headed through Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America before the end of the year. The girl is busy!

I guess if we want more details about their relationship – although the kiss on the field was definitely a nice touch – we’ll have to wait for the musical.

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