Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce bond at the Super Bowl: Watch

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Do you need more proof that Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce are friends? Look no further than the Family Suite at the Super Bowl!

They’re both two brothers who love them, but that doesn’t mean they’re tight. (Just ask Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle!)

Still, those closest to the girls admit that they have a lot in common and if Travis Kelce decides to put a ring on it, we could see Taylor’s future bestie in Kylie.

Case in point: Look at the women at the Super Bowl, moments before the game starts!

The cameras captured Kylie welcoming not only Taylor, but also Taylor’s dad Scott Swift into the suite with a big smile!

The pals were spotted chatting and laughing, with Taylor actually leaving her pals Blake Leavell and Ice Spice behind for a moment to make time for Kylie.

This is good!

Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce watch the Chiefs game seriously with his wife Kylie. ((Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images))

when taylor met kylie

Despite the fact that Taylor has been dating Travis Kelce for several months, the pop superstar recently met her brother and sister-in-law.

The gang all came together for the January 21 game in which the Chiefs played against the Bills. This was a big moment for the team as their win would mean advancing to the AFC playoffs – and a shot at their third Super Bowl!

With the Eagles already out of the race, Travis Kelce’s brother Jason, who plays center, was able to attend his siblings’ game with his wife Kylie Kelce. (Photos above and below)

Things, well, they’ve gotten a little bit out of control, depending on who you ask.

Jason went viral after going wildly shirtless in celebration of one of Travis’ touchdowns.

And then all the magic happened!

Jason and Kylie will hit the red carpet in 2023. ((Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Prime Video))

taylor and kylie bonding

In an episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis KelceAfter the game, the brothers recap the matchup, but they spend most of the time talking about Jason’s partying too much.

Jason shared that Kylie told him to be on his “best behavior” because they would be meeting Taylor for the first time.

But at the moment nothing else matters except the party. “‘It’s happening,’” Jason joked. I am not asking for permission. I’m doing it.’”

When the clip of this convo was posted InstagramKylie used her words against her husband in the comments section.

“‘I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing it.’ -Exact quote I’d say when I’m picking up the keys to get the cat,” Kylie wrote.

Now, whether she was supporting the playful jab at Jason or the idea of ​​adopting another cat into this world, we can’t say. But, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Taylor not only liked the video post On Instagram, but also Kylie’s comment.

And thus, a new bestie is born!

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce’s first photo together

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Taylor once wrote that we should “treasure memories.”

So, if you need pictorial proof that these ladies are a perfect match, allow us to present it to you!

The picture we’ve been waiting for
Byu/queen_pink_4eva Innew heights

This big group selfie was taken by fellow Chiefs WAG Brittany Mahomes, who has also loved being around Tay Tay.

And who are those two women right in the middle, giving each other the biggest hug ever? Why Taylor and Kylie of course!

Just imagine – just imagine – how much fun these two would have if the Chiefs get to the Super Bowl!

Ladies, keeping you all hopeful… and, you know, Travis and the team too. wow game!

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