It is crucial to have a positive mindset in life. If you remain stuck in the shackles of worry, anxiety, and negativity, it will hamper your personal and professional life. Maintaining a pragmatic outlook on life and positive affirmations will enable you to overcome obstacles quite easily. According to research, however, excessive positive thinking can be harmful to your health. This too-positive attitude is called toxic positivity by researchers.

“Toxic positivity” is the belief that people should put a positive spin on all experiences, regardless of their emotional pain or hardships, according to clinical psychologist Holly Schiff. Those things are problematic because they silence negative emotions, invalidate grief and loss, and make people feel pressured to be happy even if they are struggling.

Toxic positivity: what are the signs?

All the signs of toxic positivity include phrases like “just stay positive”, “look on the bright side”, and “everything happens for a reason”. It is important to detect such habits before they take a toll on your mental health. Though these remarks are often made with the best of intentions or because the speaker is unfamiliar with empathy, they are often made with the best of intentions.