In recent years, heart attacks have been the topic of numerous discussions. In the past, it was thought that older people were more susceptible to heart attacks. However, recent statistics show that people as young as 25 are having them as well. In recent years, a number of renowned celebrities have also died from heart attacks.

Although an unhealthy lifestyle can be attributed to most heart attacks or coronary heart disease, a recent study has found that a gene plays an important role in coronary heart disease and heart attacks. In the future, scientists can engineer drugs to suppress this gene or to deactivate its effect after the discovery of a gene that is believed to cause heart attacks.

A team of researchers from the Cardiac Research Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York published the study in Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine.

According to lead researcher Professor Jason Kovacik, there have been three remarkable developments in the control of cardiac disease. For instance, it has been discovered that a specific gene is responsible for heart disease. Moreover, researchers have identified the region of the body which this gene affects. This could be in the cardiac arteries or even in the liver, increasing cholesterol levels.