Super Bowl 2024 Halftime Show: All the Details From Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

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It’s the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers, but we all know who the real star is Super Bowl LVII,

one, only, assistant teacher,

Oh God The singer took to the stage at half-time to give the crowd the performance of a lifetime, and was joined on the arena stage by a myriad of celebrity special guests.

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Usher came on stage to perform the half-time show at Super Bowl LVII. (Getty)
assistant teacher
He made his performing debut with his 2004 album Caught Up. (Getty)

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The superstar performed three decades of his music, with the NFL giving him an extra two minutes to complete it.

While most half-time artists are allotted a 12-minute slot, Usher was given a 15-minute slot.

talking with entertainment tonightThe superstar confirmed before the show that he would indeed have surprise guests joining him on stage.

And the singer did not disappoint.

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All the celebrities seen at the 2024 Super Bowl

he started the performance u got caughtP from their 2004 album Statement,

Wearing an all-white custom Dolce & Gabbana dress with a silver sequin top, Usher showed off some impressive moves before introducing his first surprise guest of the night.

Alicia Keys She was singing while sitting at a red grand piano in a dazzling red Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuit if i couldn’t find youBefore starting a duet with Usher.

The duo then performed Usher’s 2004 hit my boo,

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alicia keys and usher
Their first surprise guest was Alicia Keys. (Getty)
assistant teacher
The singer then gave the crowd what they wanted by taking off his shirt for a song. (Getty)

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Yes! The singer went to the next stage to perform the title song of his album, Confession, Part II,

The singer then decided to give the people what they wanted and took off his shirt, followed by a flawless guitar solo from HER, as Usher disappeared from the stage.

With a quick makeover he reappeared in a custom off-white blue and black outfit, complete with a set of roller skates.

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his and usher
He disappeared for a quick costume change while HER took to the stage for a flawless guitar solo. (Getty)
Usher reappeared in roller skates. (Getty)
The singer brought out his final two surprise guests, Ludacris and, to close the show. (Getty Images for Roc Nation)

The star skated around the stage while singing her song Oh GodBefore bringing out your next surprise guest.

As the camera panned away from Usher, fans got their first look at rapper Lil Jon for just a few seconds. turn down for whatbefore Usher is seen in roller skates again.

The shoe change certainly sparked some debate on social media

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This was followed by their number one hit Yes! with Lil Jon and his final surprise guests, Ludacris and, accompanied by a full marching band to end the performance.

If we know one thing to expect from the Super Bowl half-time show, it’s drama, and Usher certainly didn’t disappoint.

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