Sterling K. Brown addresses sex scene with wife Ryan Michelle Bathe’s celebrity crush

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Sterling K.  Brown addresses sex scene with wife Ryan Michelle Bathe's celebrity crush

Sterling K. brown And Ryan Mitchell Bathe Stayed Married for almost 20 yearsAnd there’s almost nothing the superstar couple is shy about sharing.

In a new episode of Keke Palmer’s podcast, Baby, it’s Keke PalmerThe actors dish on the ups and downs of their decade-long relationship, the breakups and make-ups, and the hilarious quirks that come along with a relationship in the spotlight — including seeing the other one in some intimate love scenes with other stars. .

When Palmer asked how they dealt with the above situation, Bathe quipped that Brown “has always been an exhibitionist before we started dating, so that was in the sauce.”

He added, “I’m not an exhibitionist but I’ve accepted that about her.” But Bathe recalled that “the only time” her husband had a problem with her being involved in a sex scene was when she starred with Boris Kodjoe in the 2007 film. all about us,

“I was in a small, independent film… it was basically a two-hander with just the two of us. We had a sex scene,” Bathe explained before Brown interrupted. , First Wives Club The star had told her that Kodjo was her celebrity crush.

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Recalling the experience of filming the intimate scenes, Bathe admitted that “it was not what I expected.”

“It wasn’t fun – it was horrible. He’s married to Nicole [Ari Parker]And now I have to stand next to this Adonis,” she told Palmer. “As a woman, you’re used to working with people who are younger than normal, and they may be cute, but you Like, ‘I can hang’ [Then] The sun moves! I’m a human being, I’m just a normal human being. I was like, is this what it is? Who the fuck – motherfucker, who the fuck are you?”

Bathe praised Kodjoe’s qualities, saying that he could speak German and Italian and “can speak some Shakespeare.”

“Then he’ll be like, ‘And you know I was a tennis player, and are you ready to have sex?’ No, motherfucker!” Bathe quipped. “So we were in this house in the valley in the summer and… I remember standing in that bathroom for 20 minutes, inspecting every single part of my body and telling myself it wasn’t that bad, You’re not that ugly, you’re not that horrible. It’s all 40-minutes of your life – just pretend you’ve got it.”

Offering his perspective, Brown recalled that he had “one request” from his wife. “I always say, ‘Look, don’t embarrass the family. Act like you know what you’re doing on these streets.’ Okay? I had a request. I said, ‘You’re going to wear Band-Aids on the nipples?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah,’” American fiction Star shared.

“So I call him later, I say, ‘Hey, how did it go?’ She says, ‘Okay, it was fine. There was a lot of humidity in the room…I tried to put Band-Aids on and the Band-Aids didn’t stick. The Band-Aids didn’t stay on.’ And so I said, ‘Oh, so did you have naked titties on Boris’s chest?’ She said, ‘Not on purpose, but I had my naked titties on Boris’s chest.’ And I was like, ‘Oh…’”

Regardless of how they felt before the scene was filmed, both actors agreed that the scene turned out “very charming” in the end.

“I think because I’m an exhibitionist, it’s like watching my wife… I think [that] When she gets sexy and people see her sexy, I think, she comes home Here,” Brown concluded.

It’s not surprising that the couple has such a healthy outlook on their relationship and career after being together for almost two decades. When boy in the walls The star spoke to ET last JuneShe opened up about life with her husband and their sons, Andrew and Amare.

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The couple recently celebrated their anniversary and Bathe reminisced about her big day.

“The best thing about it was the food,” he said the actress recalled with a laugh. “Because, you know, well, can I say that sometimes you go to weddings and you get a winner-takes-all chicken dinner and you’re like, ‘I pay.’ ‘ But I wanted people to remember their experience – their culinary experience. So I was happy with it. The food was good.”

He credited having Brown as a partner-in-crime to combat Hollywood.

“This is what he loves to do, but he doesn’t do it. He’ll be the first one to be like, ‘Bring them sliders. Let’s go home,’” she said. Horn for Jesus. save your soul star. “But there’s a picture of us somewhere where we’re sitting in a corner eating sliders on the way home. But you know, he likes it and he likes being around people. But he’s also like that, he has to be like that Not necessarily. He doesn’t have FOMO. He’s the opposite of FOMO.”

Watch Brown and Bathe’s full appearance Baby, it’s Keke Palmer Below

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