Snoop Dogg’s daughter shows slim figure after being hospitalized after stroke

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Snoop Dogg's daughter Corey seen in slim figure after stroke hospitalization

corey broadus She is proudly showing off her new toned figure after being recently hospitalized due to a stroke.

Hip-hop icon’s daughter despite facing medical challenges stemming from lupus snoop doggThe latest post includes before and after shots, and the difference is like night and day, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to recovery.

Snoop Dogg’s daughter celebrates 40-pound weight loss after stroke

Social media influencer posted pictures on them Instagram Stories of herself wearing a two-piece string bikini and white crop top, sharing her progress with her followers, and proudly displaying her slimmer figure.

Instagram Stories | corey broadus

The images were also accompanied by insights into her journey, including snapshots showing her weight loss journey from 241 pounds. His current weight is 207 pounds.

In addition to visual evidence of her progress, Broadus provided a glimpse of the dedication required for her transformation. He shared snapshots of himself carefully weighing his food and maintaining a daily food intake log.

In a photo of herself holding a plate of green grapes and slices of watermelon on a kitchen scale, the 24-year-old wrote at the top, “It’s so hard I’m ready to give up every day but I know in the end it’s it will be worth.”

The TV personality expressed determination, acknowledging the difficulty of her journey but emphasizing its ultimate importance. “I’m weighing all my fruits and veggies to make sure I’m getting the proper amount every day,” she explained, along with another photo of grapes on a scale.

Snoop Dogg's daughter Corey seen in slim figure after stroke hospitalization
Instagram Stories | corey broadus

Broadus’s journey was not without The challenges, as she candidly revealed her dietary restrictions, include, “Not everything can be cooked raw.”

In a previous Instagram Story update on January 18, the musician shared the news of his strokeExpressing his initial shock and disbelief. Highlighting the sudden and unexpected nature of her health crisis, she wrote, “I had a severe shock; when they told me I burst into tears.”

The latter photo showed an overlay of text over a selfie of her wearing a pink hoodie and a nose mask. The “Chalk: Wet” artist’s caption reflected her inner turmoil, expressing disbelief at her circumstances: “Like I’m only 24, what did I do in my past to deserve all this ”

Diagnosed with lupus at the young age of six, Broadus has had a tumultuous path, including a suicide attempt in 2021. In a previous interview, he shared his commitment to a holistic lifestyle, which has significantly improved his well-being.

Snoop Dogg's daughter Corey seen in slim figure after stroke hospitalization
Instagram Stories | corey broadus

In his own words, “I stopped taking all my medicines five months ago. I’m just doing everything natural, all kinds of herbs, sea moss, teas. I started drinking a lot of water. So now I think my body is feeling like, OK, this is the new program, and it’s getting used to it.”

She further elaborated, saying that she decided to make the change after experiencing the harmful effects of long-term drug use, which left her feeling like she was “going crazy.” Recalling her journey she said, “I have been well, even better than before.”

Snoop Dogg’s daughter released from hospital after health scare

Just days before unveiling her remarkable weight loss, The Blast It was reported that the reality TV star shared the positive news of his release from the hospital on Instagram.

Snoop Dogg's daughter Corey seen in slim figure after stroke hospitalization
Instagram Stories | corey broadus

Broadus expressed his gratitude and relief, saying, “My chest CT scan came back normal, and I’m going home today. I could possibly cry, oh my God.” Along with a photo from his hospital bed, he thanked everyone for their “continued prayers, love etc.”

The “Snoop Lion feat. Drake & Corey B.: No Guns Allowed” star also shared a photo of the “Welcome Home” banner displayed in his living room, marking his return to familiar comforts.

Earlier that week, he had reassured his supporters with positive news, indicating that he would “likely” be discharged within the next 24 hours. Despite her challenges, Broadus appeared upbeat and optimistic in her hospital gown, striking a thumbs-up pose and joyful expression for the camera.

In a touching bathroom selfie collage, she expressed her gratitude for her improved health, revealing, “God is working overtime, you’re listening to me! My kidneys were in a very bad condition…the doctor came this morning and said he was improving a lot.”

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