Sharon Osbourne criticizes Kanye West for sampling Ozzy Osbourne’s song

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sharon osbourne had strong words for Kanye West after taking her husband’s sample ozzy osbourneBand’s song without permission.

Sharon, whose father, Don Arden, is Jewish, said West’s team requested permission to use the sample, but her husband refused. It appears that the rapper proceeded to sample the song, with Sharon saying she was “with the wrong Jew.”

Ozzy has since distanced himself from West, as he shared that he did not approve of West’s request because “he’s an anti-Semite.”

Sharon Osbourne criticizes Kanye West for violating her husband’s intellectual property


The Osbourne matriarch slammed the “Donda” rapper for sampling her husband Ozzy’s music without permission.

According to tmzSharon said West was “in the wrong with the Jew” by using the iconic rock star’s work in his music, but clarified that he had asked for permission about three weeks earlier.

He told me news outlet that West “represents hate” and is an “outrageous anti-Semite”, so Ozzy had a “special opportunity to say no”.

“Mother–a pig,” he continued.

Ozzy Osbourne distances himself from Kanye West

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The controversy began when West used a sample of Ozzy’s band hit “War Pigs” for his upcoming “Vultures” album listening party.

Ozzy criticized West on Twitter due to his past anti-Semitic nature and distanced himself from him.

“@kanyewest asked for permission to sample a portion of a 1983 live performance of ‘War Pig’ from a US festival without the vocals and was refused permission because he is an anti-Semite and has caused unhappiness to many people Heartbroken,” he wrote on X. Formerly known as Twitter).

Ozzy Osbourne criticizes 'antisemite' Kanye West for sampling 'War Pig' without permission
Twitter | ozzy osbourne

She added, “He went ahead and used this sample at his album listening party last night. I don’t want anything to do with this man!’

However, West fired back at Ozzy’s comment by mocking his and Sharon’s 2023 Halloween costumes, in which they both dressed like West and his wife Bianca Sensori.

She poked fun at the pair on Instagram on Friday by posting a photo of them in Halloween costumes.

West captioned it, “Apparently she has a celebrity handler on her account.” daily Mail,

Rapper sparks controversy with his anti-Semitic comments

Kanye West is seen in Milan for Fashion Week

West’s career took a hit last year when he began sharing several public anti-Semitic remarks, leading to him being banned from platforms like X.

One such comment came when he said he vowed to “kill Jewish people”, leading to several public backlashes for the rapper.

The rapper reportedly described himself as “crazy, bipolar, anti-Semitic” in a song at his album listening party.

Earlier, he had come under criticism when in the title track of his “Vultures” album he sang the vulgar lyric, “How am I an anti-Semite?” I’m just a Jew–.” The single has been criticized by Jewish organizations, who have called it “pathetic and sad”.

The father of four lost several partnership deals after making an explosive anti-Semitic statement last year. In a 2022 interview with talk show host Alex Jones, West praised Hitler for his “liberating qualities”, as he also alleged that “the Holocaust was not what happened”, promoting the conspiracy theory. That black people are the real Jews.

West has since apologized to the Jewish community in Hebrew, which has been scrutinized and criticized as not being genuine.

Kanye West is having trouble booking venues due to anti-Semitism

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According to tmzThe “Praise the Lord” singer appears to be shooting himself in the foot with his actions.

This comes after he recently revealed on his Instagram Stories that he can’t book arenas to perform his new music because all the venues told him there were no spaces for him.

Only the United Center in his home state of Chicago granted him approval to use the venue for his shows. West was able to sell out the auditorium in less than seven minutes, as he indicated that although he was still in demand, he was being blacklisted.

He held his listening party with Ty Dolla $ign at the venue and compared himself to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

He wrote, “For a year I was not allowed to perform like an Elvis Presley movie.”

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