Shakira and her son aren’t really fans of Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie

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colombian superstar Shakira has said that both of his sons “absolutely hate” the film. barbie Because it was “reprehensible”, adding that she partially agreed.

Shakira shares her opinion on the 2023 blockbuster in an interview with beauty magazine to coaxSaying that she prefers pop culture “when it attempts to empower women without taking away from men their possibility of being men, while also attempting to protect and provide.”

grammyThe -winning singer has two sons with her former partner, Spanish footballer, Milan, born in 2013, and Sasha, born in 2015. gerard piqué,

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Shakira is not a fan of Barbie. (John Nación/WireImage/Getty Images)

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He said, “My sons absolutely hated it. They thought it was corny. And I agree to some extent.” “I’m raising two boys. I want them to feel powerful, too.” [while] To respect women.”

The singer continued in the interview, which was published earlier this week, “I believe in giving women all the tools and confidence that we can do it all without losing our essence, without losing our femininity.”

“I think men have a purpose in society and women also have another purpose. We complement each other and that complement should not be lost.”

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The surprising thing is that all these high-profile women have one thing in common.

barbie It became a cultural phenomenon last summer as it grossed more than $US1.4 billion (about $2.1 billion) at the box office and sparked widespread conversations about its distinctive brand of feminism.

Greta GerwigThe film begins before the matriarchal society of Barbieland, starring Barbie and Ken. margot robbie And Ryan Gosling Step by step, venture into the real world where Ken explores the patriarchy and attempts to enforce it in the home.

With these explicit feminist themes, the film transcended cinema and became a political and cultural event, leading to much discussion about what it represents.

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While the core of its women’s empowerment message was largely praised, some pointed out the dangers Portraying misogyny as arising from incompetence rather than malice.

shortly after barbie was released and many right-wing figures criticized it as “woke”, Gerwig pointed out new York Times She hopes the film will be “an invitation for everyone to be part of the party and give up the things that don’t matter to us as women or men.”

He said, “I hope that in all that passion, if they see it or connect with it, it might give them some of the relief that it gives other people.”

Barbie was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which is the same parent company as CNN.

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