Serena Williams on how she teaches body positivity to her daughters (Exclusive)

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Serena Williams on how she teaches body positivity to her daughters (Exclusive)

Serena Williams There’s a very simple and yet incredibly effective way to promote body positivity: showering it with a bunch of compliments.

Speaking to ET’s Rachel Smith in New York City at the launch of the tennis legend’s makeup line, aptly dubbed wynn beautyWilliams, 42, explains how she promotes body positivity his two young daughters – Olympia, 6, and Adira, 7 months, both of whom she welcomed with her husband Alexis Ohanian.

“For me, it’s extremely important that they love who they are and what they look like,” the 23-time major singles champion tells ET. “I also promote that positivity by encouraging them to compliment others, especially compliment other girls. So if I see a girl in their class, I say, ‘Oh, she’s pretty. It is visible, isn’t it?’ She says, ‘Yeah, I like his hair.’ I’m like, ‘I like her hair too.’ So just encouraging that, because it doesn’t matter what they look like, if you can find something positive about them you’ll also find something positive about yourself and then you win.”

For Williams, body positivity means being true to yourself. and nobody else’s more open about that Compared to the seven-time Wimbledon champion, who in January Documented myself on video Struggling to get into a denim Valentino skirt.

Serena Williams with her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter Olympia Ohanian at the US Open in Queens, New York on August 29, 2022. , getty

“I’m working towards my goal. I’m going to fit into that skirt soon,” the greatest tennis player of all time said in reference to a very relatable moment. “No, it’s just important to be honest. And I, literally, don’t think of myself any different than anyone else. I’m going through the same struggles, but I would fit into that skirt!”

Williams and Ohanian, 40, are setting a prime example for their daughters, and that’s evident by little Olympia following in their footsteps. Speaking to ET last November, Williams explained how Olympia is faring to be a big sister,

“She’s navigating it. She’s loving it,” Williams shared at the time. “Adira is like a little kid, so Olympia calls her her little sister.”

According to Williams, Olympia “prayed for a sister”, so she’s happy with how everything turned out.

And speaking of things that work, Wyn Beauty provides a semi-full-circle moment for Williams, whose makeup line has been years in the making. The business endeavor was born out of Williams’ need for everyday makeup that fit her busy lifestyle. Her vision, impacted by the global pandemic, ultimately took off thanks to the same relentless effort she has displayed on the tennis court since she was a little girl in her hometown of Compton, California.

“I’ve actually been working on this area for over six years,” Williams shares. “I actually remember, before COVID, having meetings with some people and talking about what we’re going to do in this area and how we’re going to do it. It’s really very, very , has been working for a very, very long time, a very, very long time, it’s not something that just happened.”

Behind a strong team, Williams brought everything together – an active beauty line that includes soft-matte concealers in a variety of shades, mascaras, waterproof liquid eyeliners, brow and eye pencils, satin lipsticks and more available at Wyn Beauty’s Is. Website and Ulta beauty series.

Serena Williams at the Pre-Grammy Gala on February 3, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. , getty

“For me, I’m super active. I feel like I’m more active now than ever in my life as a mother, as a businesswoman, and as an entrepreneur,” Williams says. “I love beauty and I love my makeup, but I can’t go to the grocery store or pick up my daughter at school like this. It doesn’t really fit my lifestyle.”

And therein lies one of the company’s thesis.

“One of our theses is that we invest in everyday life, the lives of everyday people,” Williams says. “I was thinking about makeup and how it’s everyday makeup for that everyday person, that everyday woman. So that’s how this concept started. As much as I love my glamorous look, I wanted something that Which is every day. It’s easy. I can literally put it on in 10 minutes and still look as good as I want to that day, and it lasts all day.”

Call it Wyn-Wyn.

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