Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field Williams says they will renew their wedding vows

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Robbie Williams and wife aida field williams Married since 2010.

And to mark his 15th milestone marriage anniversary Next year, the pair are thinking about renewing their vows.

talking to hello! magazineAyda, 44, said she would like her mother and her big dog Puppet to be present, adding: “I think about my mother’s health and if Puppet can stay for another year, we will be on the 15th.” Will renew the anniversary.”

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Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda has said they plan to renew their vows next year. (Instagram)

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He added, “There are so many relatives and people who need to survive, but yes, let’s do this!”

Speaking about her marriage and when the former Take That star opened up about it in her Netflix documentary, she revealed hello: “It’s a beautiful thing when you’re in a healthy relationship.”

“I feel very fortunate that he inspires me to be a better person, and I inspire him too.”

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Williams celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary
“It’s a beautiful thing when you’re in a healthy relationship,” she said. (Instagram)

The couple married in 2010 and have four children.

Fields recently had a health scare and was Was taken to the hospital, but recently everything got better.

Williams recently gave fans an update on her life and fame in her new four-part Netflix Documentary, Title Robbie WilliamsWhich was released last year.

The field was first admitted into a Video She felt nervous and “insecure” after releasing so many details about her personal life in the documentary.

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Robbie Williams
Williams recently gave fans an insight into her life and fame in her new four-part Netflix documentary. (Andreas Rentz/Getty)

“When I was getting all these messages it occurred to me that I feel incredibly insecure about our lives, Rob’s life, our lives, our kids, everyone watching, it seems like every Someone’s looking through my knickers drawer, Rob’s knickers drawer,” she said in the clip.

“I just wanted to share that I’m feeling extremely nervous and insecure and I hope you enjoy it, I hope you all get into it, are moved by it, love it. I definitely I have cried many times and had many proud moments and look forward to sharing it one day with my children who will have a lot of questions.”

The documentary’s biggest bombshells included its dumping geri halliwellBreaking up with his current wife Fields via a phone call due to his years-long feud with Take That bandmate Gary Barlow and others.

According to entertainment daily, Williams and Field’s relationship broke down long ago, when the pop singer ended their romance with a phone call.

aida field williams
Field admitted that releasing such details about her personal life made her feel nervous and “insecure”. (Instagram)

Field reportedly recalls in the series: “I remember it was 2 o’clock at night and I called him and I said, ‘I’m just going down the highway’ and he said, ‘Are you driving? Yes? Call me when you get home.’”

Field says Williams told her on the call, “My management has stepped in and they’re going to take me to rehab.”

“And he says, ‘I can’t stay in a relationship, I have to be better and I can’t stay with you. I have to break up with you.’

Field said she remembers that she just wanted Williams to “get better,” and it was like, I understood it because I saw that he was unwell and I remember thinking, ‘I just I want you to get better.”

he said earlier jonathan ross show That field “saved his life” in 2020.

He said, “I look back at the 15 years I spent with my wife, she gave me life.”

“Here I am getting emotional on TV. That’s exactly what he did.”

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