Risa Tisa’s #WhoTFDidIMarry TikTok story goes super viral

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The 50-plus-part TikTok story about a Georgia woman and the lies about her scamming ex-husband has been dominating time-stamps and the name “Risa Tisa” is buzzing across social media.

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Social media hasn’t been this enthralled with a story since 2015’s viral Zola Twitter thread, and with over 122 million views, we’re breaking down why this cautionary tale is turning the Internet into a #WhoTFDidIMarry mess. Is.

TikToker in recent times @reesamteesa A woman has gone viral for uploading a tall tale about how she met and married a man during the pandemic, only to find out later that she lied about basics including her family, previous marriage and career.

The video included gaps and breakdowns, extensive details about the man known as “Legion”, and jaw-dropping moments that caused a stir on the Internet.

Set to TikTok playlist, part one “Who did I marry?” The first video was shared on 14th February on Valentine’s Day and the last video was shared on 17th February. Risa Tisa has since garnered millions of views and has received gifts and merchandise from fans eagerly waiting for her story.


If you want to know what the internet frenzy and uproar is about, check out our #WhoTFDidIMarry recap below.

#WhoTFDidIMarry Recap and Spoilers

According to Risa Tisa, in 2021 she married a man whom she considered a narcissist and pathological liar.

Reesa Teesa

Source: TikTok

Admitting that a lot of the painful TikTok stories would have taken a toll on her, Tisa said she persisted despite the endless red flags because she “wanted to be a wife” and didn’t want to embarrassingly end things so quickly. Was.

“The thing that motivated me to stay here was, number one, I didn’t want to be alone,” she said. “And number two, I didn’t want to look stupid by ending the relationship so quickly. Number three, I was very ready to get married and this desire fueled a lot of things.

He continued,

“I knew something was wrong. But I still didn’t understand how deep something had gone. I kept second guessing myself, like, ‘What if he’s not lying?!’”

Starting her story, Tisa said that she initially met her ex “Legion” on two different dating apps in 2020 and after a few fairytale-like moments that felt like fate, he met her during the COVID-19 pandemic. She agreed to be quarantined with him during this period.

She and Legion moved into his condo together and eventually agreed to live together in (several different) single-family homes, but despite Legion agreeing to pay her a large six-figure sum in cash every The plan to buy a bar house failed. Legion is said to be a San Diego State University graduate and former arena football player who moved to Georgia from California after a job transfer.

Now working as a regional manager at a spice company, Legion tells Tisa he was rich after investing money from his football career, some of which was hidden in offshore accounts. Since he was so wealthy, he paid the TikToker’s rent and bills, which Tisa admitted made her feel relieved and kept her close.

Tisa said that Legion was also told in detail about a previous marriage, where he caught his ex-wife cheating on him, but still had a close relationship with his ex-wife’s children from a previous relationship.

Tisa’s story contains many details, including the moments when Legion would make daily fake phone calls with his brother to pretend he had a closer relationship with his family. He also said he lied to the VP about a work promotion and had “the emails” to prove it. At one point in Tisa’s story she shared that tragically she suffered a miscarriage and Legion was initially absent from the hospital due to his busy work schedule and only communicated through his “assistant.” The story continued and she said Legion would make promises he could not keep, including a promise to buy a car for her, where he would “cruelly” send her to test drive luxury vehicles just to close the deal. .

Legion’s lie was eventually discovered when Risa Tisa got her spouse’s Social Security number and eventually ran a background check on him. That’s when he discovered he had never actually lived in California or attended San Diego State. Not only that, but his previous employer was listed as a grocery store and the background check proved he was so “poor” that he couldn’t pay his ex-wife divorce fees. The TikToker said he had spoken to the ex-wife who confirmed the man was a pathological liar and warned her not to trust him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tisa also found out that Legion was cheating on her and this was the final nail in the coffin. An angry Risa Tisa throws him out only because Legion harassed her and begs for another chance. Things got so bad that she called the police and was arrested on a previous warrant, but was quickly released.

To “get away from him” and get away from the man she discovered was working as a forklift operator, Risa Tisa eventually moved away and changed her number.

As you can imagine, there’s been a lot to say about Risa Tisa’s TikTok story on social media and they think a movie may be in the works for the woman who is currently dominating the timeline.

What do you think about Risa Tisa’s viral #WhoTFDidIMarry TikTok story?

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