‘RHOC’ star Shannon Beador reacts to ex Jon Jansen suing over alleged $75K facelift loan

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'RHOC' star Shannon Beador reacts to ex Jon Jansen suing over alleged $75K facelift loan

real housewives of orange county star shannon beador She feels like her “hands are tied” amid the lawsuit from her ex, John Janssen.

beador appeared SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live On Monday, and spoke candidly to Lewis and co-host Doug Budin about facing a five-figure lawsuit from her ex over an alleged loan she said she took out to pay for a facelift. Had given.

“It was about a month ago. I got a letter saying, ‘You need to come up with a payment plan to pay this money back,’” Beador said. “I offered John the exact amount he wanted, but he turned down the deal because he didn’t want to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement and that’s standard in most settlements and that’s where you say you don’t talk. Will do bad things about anyone.”

Last month, Jansen filed a lawsuit against your ex In Orange County Superior Court for breach of oral contract and promissory fraud, People Specifically reported at the time, In his lawsuit, Janssen is seeking $75,000, which he claims he lent to Beador and was never returned.

Beador claimed during his interview that Janssen would not agree to a non-disparage settlement, making him feel like his “hands were tied” in the matter – because his attorney’s fees “would exceed the amount he could afford.” Were wanting.”

“What should I do? Say, ‘This is all the money you claim I owe you and move on. Say whatever you want about me.’ No,’” she continued. “My lawyer said I can’t let you do that, so I have to go to trial now and, you know, it’s too much.”

Beador admitted that Janssen had lent her money twice during their relationship, but there was never any official agreement, and she never asked for the $75,000 in change. She also said that during the beginning of their relationship, at times he paid for things like her hotel and airfare, claiming it was “the equivalent of me giving him money.”

“Sometimes he’d say, ‘Oh, can your stylist get some stuff for me and then I’ll give you the money back?’ And then, yeah, he wouldn’t do it,” she recalled.

“At the beginning of the relationship, he said, ‘You’re my future. You’re my person. You’re my future.’ That’s what he said and I thought, ‘Yeah,’” she said, explaining why she felt comfortable covering some of his expenses. “I immediately felt this comfort with him and I thought we’d be together forever “

However, at BravoCon in November 2023, Beador opened for ET Regarding her decision to end the relationship with Janssen, she said at the time that she had not spoken to him in over a month and that she had “no intention of” [to],

She also agreed that she felt “lighter” since she ended toxic relationships and quit drinking. dui arrest In September 2023: “Of course, I do.”

“I’ve spent the last month focusing on myself,” the reality star said at the time. “I went on a program for 28 days and I have started and am continuing to eliminate toxic and unhealthy things in my life.”

On the podcast this week, Beador admitted that for the second time Janssen paid her, in fact, to do a facelift. He did not disclose the exact amount but said it was more than $30,000.

“I’ll just tell the truth, because I just tell the truth, I tell the truth, but the show, we were on a different pay…the show didn’t air right after we finished filming, so they bumped our pay out, And so I wasn’t getting paid often,” she recalled. “I was getting kids ready for school, I paid for college counselors and stuff, so it added up and I got really stressed.”

After admitting to Janssen that she was stressed about finances, Beador claimed he offered to “give it to her”, and she thanked him – but again, she said no formal agreement was made. I went.

She also said she found it suspicious that Janssen didn’t ask for money when they broke up in November 2022 — but when Lewis asked if she thought a lawsuit might be motivated, she didn’t take the bait completely. Janssen’s new relationship with him RHOC co-star, alexis bellino,

She shared, “I don’t know what he does for work… I don’t know anything and that’s okay.”

However, she added, “I have two lawsuits against me. Both of them involve Bellino. Interesting, right? A little bit.”

She said, “I’m just saying, no. I’m just saying it’s, I mean, very coincidental.” “I don’t know if he had anything to do with it or not. I really don’t know.”

ET learned in January Beautiful is set to return for RHOCThe upcoming 18th season of As a friend, that means fans will get to see some of his drama with Beador and Janssen on Bravo screens.

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