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Hannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the body
April 4, 2024 – June 4, 2024
TCHC Viewing Room Gallery
GU34 3YU

Blackbird Rook Presents:’resistance occurs in the body,’ new feature pictures by artist Hannah Murgatroyd, Known for her exuberant and hyper-sensual painting techniques, murgatroyd Creates a diversity of moods through surfaces floating before our eyes. Heavily worked areas of smooth flesh connect with expanses of barely touched canvas.

Forms emerge, sometimes crookedly, through rough handling, sometimes with a judicious economy. Color palettes range from uncontrolled saccharine pastels and muddy browns to more classical graphite and red crayon. Emotions fluctuate between excited surprise, sadness and joy. , Lizzie Lloyd, Garageland ReviewsMay 2019

The white-haired women I paint now often use the chronological tool of a palette. Holding it as a shield, a totem, a joke about male painters And genius, About painting despite adverse circumstances. How will we paint the body when we have lost our body? Looking at the paintings that have passed through my hands over the past two years, I am surprised to find recognition in their origins. I found an identity in motherhood.

Hannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the body
I Knew My Name, 2020-2024
oil on canvas
76 cm x 51 cm

I no longer needed to think about who I was, I had an answer more powerful than I could have ever imagined. In the studio, I turned to this rudimentary, primitive subject of myself and, just as I had become free from the name of a mother, I found that I had become free by naming myself as the subject—about paint. Freed up to think, to think about how to approach painting.

Both my body and my understanding of painting had deteriorated and needed reconstruction. I turned the gaze straight and outward, exposing this often torn figure, sometimes with child, sometimes not, portraying the mother as a queer hero, born out of a 20th-century body that was 21. Giving birth vaguely to two decades in the 19th century – a relic of my own time. Calibrating my place in middle age, I returned to 20th-century painting, to the strange joys of the early paintings of Soutine and Cézanne.

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Hannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the bodyHannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the body
Sawant, 2023-2024
Oil and acrylic on canvas
91 cm x 61 cm

I used all the bells and whistles for rigorous painting. It is the paint that tells the story here – its raw and gorgeous combination reflects a vibrant life. I love the journey of painting – what can be explored, obscured and transformed with these raw tools of brush and oil.

I would not call these pictures of motherhood, perhaps of endurance, or of resistance. They are works shaped by the state of motherhood, which has restored the sense of time to my canvas, as I am only able to be active in the studio in short intervals between parenting my child. I necessarily paint in layers, in a furious accumulation of brush marks.

Hannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the bodyHannah Murgatroyd: Resistance lies in the body
ODYSSEY, 2023-2024
oil on linen
160 x 130 cm

That is all Woman Is. His palette or brush and his torn self, pearls bursting from his mouth. The palettes with which I paint contain symbols: a piece of lapis; Coins of Boudica; bones; Flowers drawn from Disney movies. It is life, not colors, with which I paint.

Hannah Murgatroyd: Resistance Is Held in the Body will run from April 4, 2024 to June 4, 2024 in the TCHC Viewing Room Gallery.

©2024 Hannah Murgatroyd

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