Renegade nails: Derry Girls star Louisa Harland and Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed reveal Australian influence on set of new show Interview

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New disney+ series Renegade Nell It features a cast of leading British actorsled by dairy girls Actress Louisa Harland.

with stars like harland ted lassoNick Mohammed and veterans Joely Richardson and Adrian Lester.

But, there was a strong man behind the curtain Australian Influence on director Amanda Brocchi.

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Louisa Harland and Nick Mohammed talk to 9Honey Celebrity about their new series Renegade Nails (9Honey).

Melbourne director, known for Picnic at Hanging Rock Among others, Sally Wainwright led one third of the series – working with artists both in the UK and over Zoom.

“When I filmed with Amanda she was on set most of the time, but then we had to do some pickup and Amanda was on Zoom at like midnight in Australia, and sometimes we just had to stop because she’s so , ‘There’s something going on across the room,’” Mohammed told 9Honey Celebrity, adding an Australian accent for emphasis.

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“And it was like a snake appeared and he got so mad…I was like, ‘Oh, just get off Zoom, go and figure it out.’ I was frightened.”

Harland, whose character Nell has several different accents throughout the series, also lovingly copied Brocchi’s accent.

Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson in Renegade Nell
The episode centers on wanted highway robber Nellie Jackson (Harland), who seeks revenge for her father’s death. (supplied/disney+)
Nick Mohammed at Renegade Nails
Nell Jackson gets a little magical help in the battle from fairy-like apparition Billy Blind (played by Mohammed). (Supplied/Disney+)

“If she didn’t like the take, she’d be like ‘Noir,’” Harland jokes.

He said that his Australian accent – ​​which sadly did not carry over into the series – was “better when I was drinking too much married at first sight Australia”.

Renegade Nell Wanted Highway Robber follows Nellie Jackson (played by Harland), who gets a little magical help from the fairy-like apparition Billy Blind (played by Mohammed) in battle, as she tries to avenge her father’s death. , after a series of events he is replaced. A desirable woman.

Along for the ride is Nell Rasselas, played by Annie Okoronkwo, who also decided to get in on the accent action on set, although Brocchi wasn’t as convinced.

(L-R) Producer Will Johnson, guest, Frank Dillon, Nick Mohammed, Jake Dunn, Adrian Lester, Alice Kremmelberg, director Ben Taylor, Louisa Harland, Joely Richardson, Annie Okoronkwo, Bo Bragson and Jodhi May attend the world premiere. "Renegade Nell"
The new Disney+ series features prominent British actors. (Joe Maher/Getty Images)

“There was a time I did a Scottish accent and no one asked me if I could do it,” he told 9Honey Celebrity in London.

“We didn’t really have that much time to rehearse, and the scene just started and I went into the deepest Scottish accent.

“It was great to see Louise’s face on the other side of the camera and she said, ‘What?!’

“And it was great because Amanda, who was the director, she’s so sweet and gentle – she runs the set strictly while being so gentle and lovely – and she came to me, she said, ‘Okay, “Maybe we tone it down a bit”, he adds in a touch of an Australian accent.

(L-R) Frank Dillon, Joely Richardson and Annie Okoronkwo talk to 9Honey Celebrity about their new Disney+ series, Renegade Nell.
(L-R) Series stars Frank Dillon, Joely Richardson and Nye Okoronkwo. (9honey)
Annie Okoronkwo as Rasselas and Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson in Renegade Nell
Okoronkwo, who played Rasselas, also decided to get in on the accent action on set during the scene with Harland. (Supplied/Disney+)

For Harland and Mohammed who have a huge fan following from the last series. dairy girls And ted lassoRespectively, they both say that part of the appeal of this period for them was showing fans a different side of them.

Harland admitted to 9Honey Celebrity, “Every element of the show was so fascinating to me and I was so desperate to be involved.”

“It’s a big change and a big challenge.”

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Mohammed is best known to fans as Nathan ‘Nate’ Shelley in Ted Lasso. (Apple)
Louisa Harland as Orla McCullum (centre) in the comedy Derry Girls.
Harland played Orla McCullum (centre) in the comedy Derry Girls. (channel 4)

Mohammed agrees, saying: “I think it’s always nice to be challenged and do something different, flex different muscles and try something new.

“It’s really fun and yes, a big departure.”

Renegade Nell is now streaming on Disney+.

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