Reality star Francesca Farago pregnant with first child after challenging IVF journey

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American reality star Francesca Farago going be a mother,

Very difficult The alumnus and her fiancé Jesse Sullivan have announced they are expecting their first child after a challenging IVF journey.

Couple shares exciting baby news InstagramShowing Farago’s 6.1 million followers a photo of a positive pregnancy test.

Watch the video above.

Reality star Francesca Farago is pregnant. (Getty Images,)

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“We wanted to take this special day to celebrate this amazing milestone with all of you,” said Farago, who is best known for appearing on the dating show. Very difficult And perfect matchwrote.

“We’ve brought you with us even after we lost, so we can’t wait to bring you with us to win.

“I’m still pregnant, and there’s much more to come, but we are so excited to grow our family with Arlo as the best big brother and sister!

“Ahh I’m pregnant!” He concluded enthusiastically.

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“I finally got her pregnant! So excited to be a father to more people who are changing the world! 👶🏻👶🏻” Sullivan commented on the post.

This is the second child for Sullivan, who already has a 15-year-old son, Arlo.

The comments section was also filled with congratulatory messages from A-listers and American reality show stars.

“YAYAY!!! So happy for you both!!!” singer Demi Lovato wrote.

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“😭😭😭 Lots of happiness for both of you,” selling sunset star Chrishell Stausewho is married to australian musician g flipSaid.

“No stops!!! Congratulations babe,” Very difficult former student Emily Miller, who is also currently pregnant, wrote. “You’re going to be the best mom😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Farago also shared a heartwarming video TIC Toc Of her and Sullivan’s fertility journey, including a clip of the emotional moment they were expecting.

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Francesca Farago is pregnant
Farago shared an adorable video of her fertility journey. (TIC Toc)

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Farago and Sullivan have been engaged since May 2023 and have since been open about wanting to have children together.

in one Instagram Posting on Feb. 15, Farago revealed that the couple is “putting the wedding on hold until our first child or children get here.”

After his first embryo transfer failed, Sullivan, who is transgender, revealed on March 15 that his “anxiety was very high” as he approached his second transfer.

“It’s hard to watch Francesca work so hard to have this baby with no guarantees,” he wrote. Instagram,

“Even though this is one of the craziest times of our lives, I’m so grateful that we’re able to do this. In the end, we’ll get to hold our baby and it will all be worth it.”

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