Ranji Trophy 2023-24: Hyderabad’s Tanay Thiagarajan says focus is on becoming wicket-taking bowler for team

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Tanay Thiagarajan got a chance to enter the world of cricket. At the age of 8, he was waiting for his mother to pick him up from his school in Kolkata.

One day, she came late and the school coach saw Tanay waiting there and asked her to bowl some balls. And, the young boy was accurate, consistently hitting the ball to a good length spot where the cap rested.

“Yes, that’s how my journey as a left-arm spinner began,” Tanay recalls with a smile.

Two decades later, Tanay joined the select few Hyderabad cricketers like late Ghulam Ahmed, Kanwaljit Singh and Arshad Ayub to have taken more than 13 wickets in Ranji Trophy when the 28-year-old took a match-winning 13 for 144 against Nagaland. Completed the innings. In the Ranji Trophy Plate Group Semi-Final at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium here on Sunday.

But, as has been typical of Hyderabad cricketers this year, there were no wild celebrations either by him or by any of the centenarians.

Even Tanmay Agarwal, who scored the fastest triple century in first-class cricket against Sikkim last month, did not lift his bat!

“We are a group of players who are more committed to the team’s victory and not focused on individual goals,” Tanay said in a conversation. Sportstar.

“We don’t have any personal goals. We wanted to make sure that when we reach the elite group. Show that we are at a high level as a whole team and take our game to the next level,” he said. “Honestly, after a bad season last year, we’re back where we need to be,” he said.

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“Yes, it has been a learning experience. I believe I’m on the right track,” Tanay said.

“We want to perform at this winning level in the elite group. Looking back, Tanay said, we’re all really happy that we’re back to where we should have been.

“I think my job in the team is to be a wicket-taker, I’m trying to bowl wicket-taking balls deliberately, not only in this plate group but also at the next level of cricket,” he said. “I have been in a process of continuous improvement. Focused on being a wicket-taking bowler,” he said.

“It’s not that I haven’t tried some things in my bowling before. But, now I have been able to execute them and successfully too,” said Tanay, who has taken 46 wickets so far this season and is the leading wicket-taker.

“The biggest motivation for all of us is to perform exceptionally well to qualify for the elite group. We also wanted to make sure that when we get to that group we are at a high level because the whole team takes our game to the next level,” he said.

“I don’t think any cricketer who has performed in the plate group should be discouraged by the general perception that performances here are not as recognized as in the elite group. No matter what level of cricket we play, it is our job as a cricketer to go and perform, whether people outside are happy or not is not our job,” Tanay said.

“I think my strong points are like never giving up on the team. Our goals are very high. The coming three-four years are very important. So, nothing will let us down and there is no feeling that we cannot achieve this or that.”

Nagaland’s Tahmeed Rahman was bowled by Hyderabad left-arm spinner Tanay Thiagarajan in the Ranji Trophy Plate Group semi-final at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday. , Photo courtesy: VV Subramaniam/The Hindu


Nagaland’s Tahmeed Rahman was bowled by Hyderabad left-arm spinner Tanay Thiagarajan in the Ranji Trophy Plate Group semi-final at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday. , Photo courtesy: VV Subramaniam/The Hindu

“I think the entire credit for this goes to our captain Tilak Verma, who brought the culture of giving full importance to victory. And, with seniors like Tanmay, Rohit, Ravi Teja, CV Milind and head coach Ravi sir (DB Ravi Teja), Pawan Kumar along with the support staff, it has been a great environment for all of us to go out and give our best. Tanay said. “It’s all about winning and nothing else,” he said.

Tanay said, “I am very grateful to my coach Adnan Bafna, who has been my mentor since the age of 12 and always emphasized that wicket-taking balls are the most important thing in a bowler’s career and that helped me “Really helped.”

Tanay said, “When we moved to Hyderabad in 2007 due to my father’s transfer, it was Abhijeet sir (Abhijeet Chatterjee) who saw me at the Gymkhana ground and explained to my family about the game and its structure and told that How can I become a good cricketer?” Was remembered.

“My absolute favorite is Ravindra Jadeja because he is the complete blueprint of a left-arm spinning all-rounder,” he said.

“My aim is to help Hyderabad win the trophy,” he said.

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