Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal’ spreads awareness about toxic partners: Siddhant Karnik – Exclusive |

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Ranbir Kapoor starrer 'Animal' spreads awareness about toxic partners: Siddhant Karnik - Exclusive |
,Animalroared at OTT screen After tremendous success at the box office. is this or Ranbir KapoorBe it stellar performances, impressive songs, or staggering box office figures… ‘Animal’ has secured its place in entertainment history as one of the most talked-about movies of all time.
ETimes spoke months after its OTT release Siddhant Karnick, who played Ranbir’s brother-in-law in the film, and was one of the first victims of his anger in the story. Recalling his first day of shooting, Siddhant shared, “The confrontation scene between Ranbir and me was the first scene I had to shoot. I was very nervous that Sandeep sir was making me do such an intense scene on the first day. And while we were all talking, Anil sir suggested that perhaps we should shoot the family photograph scene first and then go into the heavy dialogue later. This was a great relief for me. I can’t say anything, you know, tell a director to change the scene, I have no authority to do that. But when Anil sir suggested it, Sandeep sir went along with it. The family photograph scene made us understand the dynamics between all the actors. Although I knew it was a father-son story, the way Ranbir stood away from the family gave me a great understanding of what the dynamics were within that family.
Interestingly, the confrontational brawl sequence was reduced by 10 minutes for the final cut! “It was actually a 20-page scene with a roll time of 13 minutes, in which Ranbir and I were talking, Saloni was coming, then Shakti sir was coming, then Anil sir was coming. We shot a 13-minute scene, which was very intense, but to maintain the three-and-a-half hour length, Sandeep sir had to reduce it to only three-and-a-half minutes,” revealed Siddhant.
Shooting without AC in the heat of Haryana, Siddhant described it as a challenging experience, “We couldn’t even turn on the AC because it was all sync sound. So the sound of the AC, even though it was a small anaconda being put in, was not effective. So we were sweating, the dialogues were hot and you have to look cool while doing it. It was a very challenging scene, but hats off to Ranbir! He would wake up early and exercise. And he did not rest even between shots. When my close-ups were being shot, he was right behind the camera and giving me signals with full intensity. Which is a very rare thing that I have seen among stars and this gesture shows their professionalism. The fact that he chose to give hints and make sure we were all contributing as much to the scene, rather than taking away from the scene for himself, was respectful.
Not just ‘Animal’, Siddhant also earned a lot of praise for his performance in ‘Made in Heaven’ season 2, in which he co-starred with Mrunal Thakur. Ask him how things have changed after his recent successes and Siddhant quips, “I would love to say that I have been flooded with offers, but that is not true. Some people also came, but no result was achieved. I did not get any big film offer, no good work came to me. One would expect that after the biggest hit of the year the offers would start coming in, but that is not the case. I waited, thinking that maybe after ‘Animal’ releases on OTT, the film fraternity will watch it. But there’s no one who has come forward and said, ‘Oh, we’d love to sign you up for this.’ I also know this is the nature of our job, but I would like to say this to those who are waiting to get into this industry, who are under the illusion that once you get a hit picture, Then your life ends. set. It is not so, it is a long journey. I am sure it will have a good effect, but I will have to give it time and patience. Last year was very good for me, Adipurush, Made in Heaven Season 2 and Animal. But still in the beginning of 2024 I feel that I have not signed any film.
Finally, Siddhant shares an interesting perspective on the conversation around toxic masculinity that flared up after the release of ‘Animal’. She shared, “Recently, my cousin came over from America and she said, ‘I haven’t seen the movie yet, people are saying great things about it, but they say it’s a very misogynist. It’s a film. My first reaction to this is don’t listen to what people are saying. Watch it yourself and then decide. Is it misogynistic or not? Is the message going right or not? Decide for yourself after watching it yourself. Take it. Don’t believe what others are saying because other people are burdened by their own burden, their own assumptions.”
Defending the story around Ranbir’s character in the film, Siddhant said, “This whole toxic masculinity character or anti-hero that Ranbir is playing as Ranvijay, at no point did Sandeep sir Said that people should be like this. In fact, they counter that if you have a toxic masculinity personality, you can lose a lot. Rannvijay lost his wife, whom he loved very much, he also lost his child. In the end he could not take revenge even from his father. So, is this the life you want to live? But this is being taken out of context. You are not seeing the big picture. You are just taking an incident in which he is asking Zoya’s character to lick his shoes. Only him in isolation. Look at his entire character graph. Do you want to be that kind of person or worship him? I think ‘Animal’ also raises awareness about what’s wrong, or that a relationship is toxic, whether it’s self-actualization or just a better feeling for partners to understand that they’re in a toxic relationship and They need to be careful about it. Therefore, if not taken out of context but seen as a whole, it is ultimately educational.”

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