Pro-Palestine protesters stage events at MoMA and Brooklyn Museum

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Hundreds of people gathered to protest inside the Museum of Modern Art and outside the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday as clashes between Israel and Hamas continued.

Images and Videos Posted on Instagram Show several banners hoisted inside MoMA’s courtyard. The banners read “Liberate Palestine, from the river to the sea”, “Ceasefire now”, “Cultural workers stand with Gaza” and “Genocide, apartheid” and “settler colonialism” on members of the institution’s board of trustees. Accused of funding.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., protesters at MoMA handed out more than 1,000 custom-printed fake museum guides, featuring members of the museum’s board of trustees—Leon Black, Larry Fink, Paula Crown, Marie-Josée Kravis, and Ronald S. Lauder was called. The printed statement said, “While MoMA professes ideologies of ‘change’ and ‘creativity,’ the Board of Trustees directly funded the Zionist occupation through arms manufacturing, lobbying, and corporate investment. Additionally, the museum Its legitimacy comes from artists and cultural workers, including those actively involved in the anti-colonial struggle.

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Fink is the CEO of multinational investment corporation BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with assets of $9.42 billion. It has been criticized in the past over investment in arms and defence. Meanwhile, Black is the founder of private equity firm Apollo Global Management, which owns a defense and security company.

In 2021, following protests by activists, Black resigned as chairman and chief executive of Apollo Global Management following a review of his donations to Jeffrey Epstein. ARTnews The Top 200 collector also resigned as chairman of MoMA’s board that year.

Journalist Afif Nasoulia manufacturer for wall street journalspoke to a woman named Ariel, who identified herself as a member of the grassroots political group ACT UP New York—which was originally formed in response to the AIDS crisis—about how she personally encountered anti-Zionist Jews, Led a group of artists and. ACT UP members to protest at MoMA “because we are all here to take a stand against genocide.”

According to an Instagram post by Alexa Blair WilkinsonA photojournalist and graphic designer who attended the protest made no arrests and the protest ended around 6 p.m.

The protest at MoMA was organized by the New York chapter of Writers Against the War on Gaza and the Palestinian Youth Movement. “This action strike builds on the work of MoMA, Gulf Labor, the Art Workers Coalition, and resistance movements more broadly, including Black liberation, prison abolition, and the immortal fight for Indigenous sovereignty,” a statement read aloud by protesters said.

Estimates of the crowd of protesters at the Museum of Modern Art ranged from “more than 500” to “more than 800” people.

Earlier on Saturday, Within Our Lifetime, a grassroots Palestinian-led community organization, held a pretest at the Brooklyn Museum.

Photographer Stephanie Keith Posted on Instagram That “the NYPD made approximately 10 arrests when the protest was in front of the museum, including @”survive the resistance Who is a recognized member of the New York City media.

MoMA and the Brooklyn Museum did not respond. ARTnews‘Request for comment. “WAWOG does not comment on publications owned by Penske Media,” Writers Against the War on Gaza said in an emailed statement.

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