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Q: What do people include in their Lent “take-home” bags?

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In our Lent Bags for Kids, we are including storytelling materials and children’s bulletins for each week. We will also include a devotional booklet and devotional cards for adults.

Instructions for making a resurrection garden with an ash tattoo, sand and stones, a small olive wood cross, a purple tea light, crackers and earth marble, a nail, breath prayer bubbles, soil and seeds – As well as the Seeking Devo booklet and Devo card.

Daily Devo cards, devotional booklets, poetry-writing prompts, children’s bulletins for young families to do together at home.

Q: How are you using the children’s materials (curriculum + bulletins)?

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Thank you for all things baby!! Just bought a lot of felt. We are going to use a kit to retell the story to each child as part of Sunday School each week. We do a multi-age theology drama, so the curriculum would fit in perfectly. We will build a wonderful wall.

Really thinking about changing our bulletins to include more content for the season – including more children’s bulletin content (because it sounds like it could be great for all ages) and maybe Have a pullout mini-devotional for the week (for those who won’t or won’t keep up with the devotional, but can we put something in their hand weekly?).

I’m really thinking about how to incorporate creative materials into the bulletins – like maybe using the kids’ bulletin materials as a one-page pull-out take home sheet so everyone can use it. .

I’m planning to use an amazing wall art for the whole congregation 🙂

For an amazing wall, I’m covering a board measuring 48×72 with bulletin board paper. I’m dividing it into 6 sections with a logo in the middle to add questions each week. We will have a separate room for Easter.

Question: Ideas for small group study?

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We are using the devotional book for small groups. We usually read poetry and discuss scripture/art/commentary together.

we are going to experiment original blessing Also as a small group study by Danielle Schauer. Giving people different options to explore—reading, praying, asking questions. Danielle Shroyer also has some videos at The Work of the People.

this thread Our Facebook group has book study ideas for Lent and this thread It includes ideas for adult small groups.

Q: How are you displaying visual art?

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We’ve taken art and artists’ statements with related scripture and created prayer stations around them.

In the past, we have printed the art on large posters and displayed them at our entrance so that they could be experienced when entering the puja.

I wonder if there might be a way to use them as a basis for composing the Stations of the Cross. (Notes from the SA team: Absolutely! You can also browse this Holy Week Scenes If you want to collect art specifically for the stations visit our Image Licensing Library. Additionally, we have two stations of cross resources: a graphic arts seriesBy Rev. Loren Wright Pittman, and our Repeated Stations of the Cross Liturgy By Rev. Dennis Anderson.)

Question: How are you using rhymes and poetry-writing prompts?

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I have made videos with beautiful poetry prayers. We add them as a meditative aspect of worship. Poetry writing prompts could be a great thing to add to a Lenten bag! My weekly Zoom prayer group loves using poems each week!!

Poems are always at the center of each week’s service through Advent and Lent. They connect deeply with many of our everyday experiences and are a fascination.

I usually put the poems on the back page of our bulletins, so even if the person doesn’t open the bulletin, they will see/read it when the bulletin sits in their lap.

I made Easter poster cards for the congregation and used part of a poem on the back!

this thread Our Facebook group has ideas for using poetry-writing prompts.

Q: How are you using the devotional book and daily devotional card?

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We use devotionals in small groups on Zoom and some in person.

We use the devotional book and daily devotional cards for a program called “Lenten Listener,” which is an intentional accompaniment ministry for people attending our ministries.

In the interim, I will be with a congregation that has been without a pastor since August – we are excited to meet again for small group Bible study. We are using the devotional booklet and daily devotional card as a basis for a small group exploring questions together.

We will likely make devotional books available for individuals/families to pick up and use on their own.

You can use the Devo booklet for a 30-minute worship time on Wednesday evening each week of Lent.

I am certified in teaching meditation and am very excited to lead Visio Divina in Sunday School time each week!

I will be teaching Visio Divina as adult Sunday School on February 19th. Class attendees will have Visio Divina prompts, Devo cards, and devotional booklets at their chairs.

I have used the Daily Devo cards as interactive pieces in sermons.

In the past we used daily devotional cards in our prayer garden so people could come and sit and use them at any time.

We’re putting devotional booklets and cards in the BAG in LENT, with props and guidelines for conversation, prayer, and reflection.

Last year, we used selected encouragements/affirmations from daily devotional cards to create posters that we placed in frames around our campus. They were so popular in our neighborhood that we left them out all year long—I’m looking forward to seeing the cards this year and adopting them the same way! We have created stations in the past, but this has been very meaningful to my congregation and a great way to open us up to conversation with our neighbors.

Question: What are some creative ideas for Maundy Thursday?

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We have a tradition of having our youth lead the way on Maundy Thursday, so we will be looking for ways to involve them.

We purchased a $10 separate service by Sarah Speed ​​for Maundy Thursday from the website – the poems and liturgy are amazing. (Notes from the SA team: here Maundy Thursday Puja By Sarah Speed. we do have Maundy Thursday Puja By Adrian White. and here is one puja template Building to shape the Maundy Thursday service with abundant food.)

Question: How are others beautifying your sanctuary or chancel? What art elements are you incorporating?

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Our Junior and Senior High youth are painting a 10′ X 6′ banner of the Seeking logo as a worship backdrop. We’re covering different elements of the logo each week.

We are going to make an altar tablecloth out of muslin, with some crosses in ash and purple, as well as a series of questions on it, and invite people to write their questions related to their faith on it. From there, we’re layering other fabrics underneath it and removing one fabric each week until Maundy Thursday, leaving us with only our questions.

I think I’m going to try logo mosaic. My oldest granddaughter is going to make it on a piece of wood and then I’ve got stained glass.

The logo imagery key will be helpful not only in creating altar designs but also in creating solid lessons to take home.

this thread Altar display and worship art ideas are discussed in our Facebook group.

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