Paris Hilton and Carter Reum explain why they don’t post photos of their daughter London

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Paris Hilton and Carter Reum explain why they don't post photos of their daughter London

It may have been almost five months since Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum happily welcomed their baby girl in London, but the couple is not ready to introduce her to the public just yet.

Last week, Hilton shared a TikTok video In which her 1-year-old son, Phoenix, is linked to items purchased from the TikTok shop. Captioning the video, Hilton wrote, “Opening up in my mailroom with Baby P on all the random things I ordered on the @TikTok shop. No one makes me laugh like this little guy 👶🏼📦🤣. “

One fan immediately reacted to Phoenix’s adorable video, commenting, “I’m always looking out for her! Don’t worry, I’m 70 and have eight grandchildren. Phoenix is ​​so precious. I’ll wait until you come.” Can’t wait until we feel safe enough to show our sister.”

In response to the fan’s comment, Hilton replied, “🥹✅Love you, soon 💗.”

Over the weekend, REM responded to another fan’s inquiry as to why the pair didn’t perform London like Phoenix.

Throughout Easter weekend, Hilton posted a collection of glamorous snapshots showing her and Phoenix celebrating the holiday together. “Me and my little Easter bear,” she captioned the photos.

When a fan noted London’s absence on social media, Reem responded, “Not quite ready to share her with the world but she’s adorable and looks just like her mom ❤❤.”

ET spoke to Hilton in March 2023 And the new mom said parenthood really is filled with some amazing, memorable moments.

“My favorite moments are when he’s laying on my chest and looking into my eyes and my heart melts and I think it’s the most magical time of my life,” she said.

He reiterated this sentiment at the 2024 Grammy Awards, telling ET“My life feels absolutely perfect [with] my husband [and] My two beautiful children. It feels like all my dreams have come true and I feel very fulfilled and happy in life.”

Reum praised his wife’s skills as a mother, assuring ET that his family feels the same way. “She’s amazing. Watching Paris become a mom – we love being at home [and] Play with children. It’s amazing to see her mom.”

Couple welcomed their first childPhoenix, through surrogate, Then, less than a year later, Hilton revealed that she had secretly welcomed second child, London, also through surrogates. The siblings were born about 10 months apart.

Family Celebrated Phoenix’s first birthday in January and held a magical festival for children, designed around the theme of “Living Under the Sea”.

Hilton shared photos from the party with her followers on Instagram, showing lots of light and dark blue and a whole host of cute sea creatures. It was clear how excited and happy Hilton’s little boy was to be “sleeping” so hard at only 1 year old.

And, for those who really want to know what “sliving” means, it’s a phrase that Hilton coined and popularized and it’s a combination of the words “slaying” and “living” — and there’s no denying it. What can be done is that Phoenix is ​​certainly doing just that.

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