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Noida: The CEO of Noida Authority has issued a written order saying that no officer below the rank of Additional CEO can make any statement in the media. He warned that if any information is shared by officials who are not authorized to speak to the media, disciplinary action can be taken against them.

CEO Lokesh M said the decision was taken because wrong or incomplete information given by junior officers could create confusion and tarnish the image of the authority. Officials said this is the first time that a written order has been issued. Many times in the past, the CEO of the authority has asked the Additional CEO, OSD, General Manager and Senior Manager level officers not to make any statement publicly related to any project.
“It has been observed that statements are being issued by some officials with incomplete information in print and electronic media without obtaining permission from competent senior officials, which is at odds with the position of the subject matter at the ground level. Such contradictory information is creating a situation. Does.” There is confusion between people and authority. This also tarnishes the image of the authority,” the CEO’s November 10 order said.
The order reminded officials of several government guidelines in the past.
“Therefore, it is directed that no officer below the rank of Additional CEO shall issue statement in the media. If statement is issued from any other level without permission, it will be viewed seriously and the matter referred Will go.” State Government to take action against the concerned officer.”
Therefore, any officer who makes policies or executes projects on the ground – like OSD, Deputy GM or even GM – cannot speak to the media after this order.
Officials expressed concern over the order, saying that people at least up to the DGM level should be allowed to share information with journalists. “The CEO or other senior officials may not always be aware of every issue related to a project. How can they provide any information on such matters? Then what is the justification for this order,” an official asked TOI.
When asked about the order, Lokesh M said, “Many officials give contradictory statements, unaware of which project they are talking about. Many times I am saddened to see wrong information being shared with the media. “I am shocked. Additional CEOs can issue direct statements if they are confident about the matter. If they are not confident, they can first talk to me and confirm the actual situation before giving any information.”
In September this year, the authority’s CEO had pulled up officials, saying most of them were arriving late to work by at least half an hour despite living only 2 km away. In a notice to all staff, Lokesh M had said the conduct was “highly objectionable” and tarnished the authority’s image at a time when the chief minister was pushing to improve relations between government offices and local residents. He said that the officers did not report for work before 10 am even though the reporting time was 9.30 am.
“The office timings of the authority are scheduled from 9.30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. However, it has been observed that the Additional CEO, OSD, Heads of Departments and Divisional Officers do not attend the office even till 10 am. This conduct is highly objectionable and against the UP Staff Service Regulations. This not only causes inconvenience to the public but also adversely affects the image of the authority,” the notice given to the employees reads.

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