Nneka Ihime defends her friendship with the green eyed bandits

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New one real housewife of potomac Responding to this narrative is that she is simply a “puppet” for the “reasonably suspicious” pair.

After part one of the #RHOP reunion aired, Nneka Ihime took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions and set the record straight about “Green Eyed Bandits”; Giselle Bryant and Robin Dixon.

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The Nigerian-born lawyer made headlines this season due to his feud with fellow Igbo Nigerian Dr. Wendy Osefo amid allegations that Wendy’s mother threatened to put a hex on him through a shrine.

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Many Bravo viewers became frustrated with her friends Gizelle and Robyn, as they felt she was being “used” by the two in the divided group of housewives.

He also believes that the podcast host will betray him in the future.

Nneka Ihime defends her friendship with Giselle Bryant and Robin Dixon

On Monday, Nneka told a #RHOP viewer that she has a great relationship with both Gizelle and Robyn and said that she Everyone A chance to add someone this season (Dr. Wendy) who “corrupted him.”


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“I admire how fair and balanced you are,” @ChannelOz wrote on Twitter. “It seems like you are giving your entire cast the benefit of the doubt. Is that the quality you always wanted to bring to the show?

Nneka replied, “When I joined the cast it was extremely broken.” “People think I’m a GEB puppet, but no one thought they accepted me when someone from the other side corrupted me, hated me, Ostracized [sic] They judged me on the basis of my financial status, education and upbringing. #RHOP”


As you can imagine, fans had a lot to say about Nneka’s comment and they’re not holding back.

“Girl, nothing like that happened. GEB took you under his wing to upset Wendy,” one user wrote. “He admitted to using you against Wendy. History has shown that if you come back, you will probably be next.” another pair.

However, according to Nneka, the allegation that she is being used is “false”, given that the alleged phone call where she was threatened with the hex happened before she met Gisele and Robyn.

She also told Bravo watchers that she welcomes any questions from GEB, who has been accused of targeting marriages, admitting that they are her friends.

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Nneka had earlier said that he had confidence in GEBS

Nneka’s comments to fans echo what she told Bossip in November.

Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion

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According to Nneka, she had no preconceived notions about GEBS, despite fans “warning” her not to befriend him.

“I came with an open mind,” she told Bossip’s managing editor. dani canada, “I got them based on what they were giving me. I think he is a very sweet person. They’re fun, they’re funny, they’re lighthearted.

“Robbie is a very genuine and loyal person,” he said. “Giselle is also a character, very funny, funny.”

He also said that he felt both women were “completely misunderstood.”

Nneka said, “I saw some warnings, but I also have to assess things myself and I think they are very lovely people and they treated me with a lot of respect and they accepted me for who I am. “

What do you think about Nneka and her “misunderstood” friends real housewives of potomaC?

It’s clear the ladies are in a good place, seeing as Nneka, Robyn, Gizelle and Ashley Darby went to Nicki Minaj’s concert together and posed for photos with the “Gag City” star, who hosted the first #RHOP reunion Was done.

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